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Want to a hack a Myspace account? They've made it shockingly easy

Jul 18, 2017, 08:40 AM Ben Gane

An attacker can easily use three pieces of publicly available information to pwn anybody's Myspace account. Security researcher Leigh-Anne Galloway came across this security oversight...

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NETSCOUT embraces disruption by porting packet flow visibility software to open compute platforms

Jul 17, 2017, 09:27 AM Ben Gane

NETSCOUT recently announced new nGenius PFS 5000 network packet brokers based on off-the-shelf Open Compute platforms. While Big Switch Networks blazed this trail back in 2013 with the launch of its Big Monitoring Fabric...

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Cyberattacks are here: security lessons from Jon Snow, White Walkers & others from Game of Thrones

Jul 17, 2017, 09:14 AM Ben Gane

As most of you have probably seen, we recently announced our new human point brand campaign. Put simply, we are leading the way in making security not just a technology issue, but a human-centric one. In light of this, I thought it would be fun to...

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Bupa warns health insurance information exposed by rogue employee

Jul 17, 2017, 09:09 AM Ben Gane

Healthcare insurance giant Bupa has warned customers that it has suffered a breach, after an employee inappropriately copied and removed customer information from the business...

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Beware bogus ‘WhatsApp subscription ending’ emails and texts

Jul 17, 2017, 08:44 AM Ben Gane

Watch out! There’s a WhatsApp account thief about! Have you received an email claiming to come from WhatsApp that warns that you have been using the service for more than one year...

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Trump Hotels customers hit by credit-card stealing hackers. Again.

Jul 13, 2017, 08:59 AM Ben Gane

onald Trump may know more about hacking than he’s letting on. That’s because it has been revealed that the US president’s family-run hotel business has once again been hit by hackers, who have stolen...

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Firms that didn’t patch and enabled local admin rights continue to suffer post cyber-attack

Jul 13, 2017, 08:58 AM Ben Gane

Here’s a salutary reminder for all businesses. Just because a malware outbreak has begun to fade away from the newspaper headlines, doesn’t mean your troubles are over. Many firms can continue to suffer long afterwards...

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July Patch Tuesday 2017

Jul 12, 2017, 10:02 AM Ben Gane

After the first half of the year July’s Patch Tuesday seems a little boring. There are a couple of things of interest, but overall, a pretty light round of updates. Depending on how you count them, there are 12 updates from Microsoft...

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Spotting Stealth Cloud in Your Organization

Jul 11, 2017, 09:16 AM Ben Gane

IT and business leaders today are grappling with the ever-increasing use of personal devices and unauthorized apps at the office, often referred to as Stealth or Shadow IT. This rapidly emerging trend comes as a natural response to employees looking for ways to create and...

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Exploit Kit Attacks on the Rise as Astrum Emerges

Jul 11, 2017, 09:07 AM Ben Gane

While the cyber security industry noticed a reduction in exploit kit attacks during 2016 as well as early into 2017, these are still veritable threats that organizations must be aware of. Exploit kits typically follow a...

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