Tailored Financing for the Channel - and helping close quarter end business

As the investment in digital transformation grows, organisations migrate to cloud and the cyber threat landscape evolves, organisations are looking at how they finance and invest in their IT infrastructure. The asset finance industry reported a record year in 2017 with almost £32 billion of funding required even through the challenging economic climate. Broken down, £18.6 billion went to SME’s which is a 12% rise from 2016 and of the total amount £2.285 billion was for businesses IT requirements. This is also up 7% from 2016.

With a well established VAR community it naturally made sense for e92plus to expand it’s service offering and look to provide a range of tailored finance solutions to either reseller or end client. In this new IT landscape, e92capital is here to help get in place the most suitable finance model to ease the burden of phasing in new software, hardware and range of services. 

Being within the industry for a number of years I understand the importance of working with the right partner who understands the solution and business requirements. We see in our personal lives more and more the need to label things “as a service” or “subscription” and buying IT should be no different. Why should a business tie up capital when they can have a suitable payment structure in place for the planned IT requirement to match the term of the product?

If the end client has been provided with a proposal then e92capital can be involved at this stage through a meeting or conference call to understand the rational for finance and structure accordingly. If our sales team at e92plus are working on a vendor offering at the early stages with a reseller like yourselves then this is the ideal time to discuss finance. We all need to be asking, how is this solution being funded? Do you have an incumbent for this already, if not can we look to offer this ourselves as a part of the total offering? 

As we look to grow the e92capital part of the business we will naturally become a trusted funding option not only for our channel deals, but also for all business IT procurement. We are vendor agnostic so if your solution is part of an offering then we can definitely help.

With 2018 off to a storming start and many organisations having their year-end in March, there is no better place to start than now. With this in mind we will be offering 1% additional discount to each reseller on deals worth over £50,000 that are concluded by the 31st March.*

If you feel your offering could use e92capitals help then please get in touch with myself on either matt.wheeler@e92plus.com or 020 8274 7015 directly. 

Otherwise, you can visit www.e92capital.com to find out more. 

* Terms and Conditions apply.