The NCSC launch the MCSS (Minimum Cyber Security Standard)

The government and the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) recently announced a new Minimum Cyber Security Standard, that they describe as “a new minimum set of cyber security standards that government expects departments to adhere to and exceed wherever possible”. You can learn more at

This a framework for all government bodies to help ensure they meet basic cyber security requirements, with the intention of continually improving standards over time. It’s an excellent starting point for any organisation looking to review their cyber security posture, whether they are in the public sector or not, and by ensuring they have the appropriate processes, resources and technology in place, they should be well placed to defend their network, data and devices. 

So how does it work? It’s divided into 10 individual sections, which are allocated to five categories: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover. Each of the provide advice as to what the organisation should be doing, and while they don’t always specific technology, there are clear areas where e92plus, and our vendor partners, could help should organise not currently have an appropriate solution in place. 

We’ve created a helpful guide to help our partners, and relevant government bodies, understand the solutions available to help them address these challenges where they don’t currently have something in place, or are lacking to improve their security posture and cyber defences. 

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