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e92plus target DDOS and Threat Intelligence opportunities through partnership with NSFocus

  • Sep 22, 2016, 12:14 PM
  • Ben Gane

Monday 12th September - e92plus, the award-winning value-added distributor, is delighted to announce a partnership with NSFOCUS, the enterprise-level network security solutions vendor.


NSFOCUS were founded in 2000, and have enjoyed outstanding success and growth to become a leader in Asia for vulnerability analysis, threat understanding and security intelligence solutions. As part of the international expansion, the partnership with e92plus will be central to helping establish NSFOCUS as the choice for next generation protection against modern attacks, and providing the most insightful intelligence.


The NSFOCUS product range includes:

  • The Anti-DDoS (ADS) Series protects against volumetric, application and sophisticated hybrid DDoS attacks to ensure only legitimate traffic reaches the infrastructure.
  • The Next Generation IPS (NGIPS) solution provides comprehensive threat protection that addresses known, zero-day and advanced persistent threats.
  • The Web Application Firewall (WAF) performs advanced application layer inspection to protect critical servers and web applications, working alongside the web vulnerability scanning solution.
  • The Cloud Center deliver DDoS mitigation and web application security services that are the perfect complement to our on-premises equipment, with a Threat Intelligence Platform that is used in the development of every NSFOCUS product.


NSFOCUS are the next big name in threat protection and intelligence, and we are delighted to be partnering with them. Their unique approach to DDOS, with the only pure hybrid solution that can include on-premise protection with the instant scalability of the cloud is perfect for the current demands of organisations” said Mukesh Gupta, Managing Director at e92plus. “The current security market needs flexible, innovative technology and NSFOCUS provides that. We see great opportunities for our partners, especially in the mid-market where enterprise class DDOS has traditional been too expensive and complex to deploy.”


The NSFOCUS portfolio are developed using the latest threat intelligence, and the technology is powered by an internationally-recognized research lab with over 10 years of experience protecting the world’s largest banks, telecommunications, service providers, gaming and social media companies. Uniquely, this includes threat intelligence from every market (including Europe, USA and APAC) that is essential for organisations to understand the threats they face.


"Our technology was designed to keep businesses productive and information secure,” explains XXXXX at NSFOCUS. “We are happy to be offering the XX partner community choice, enhanced functionality and greater overall value.


Mukesh continues, “e92plus have a great track record in bringing the next generation of security vendors to market, and we expect NSFOCUS to continue that trend. We will build a core of VARs to partner with for the launch, and it’s a great opportunity for them to offer something new to the market and enjoy strong margins in comparison to legacy vendors.”


NSFOCUS’ research and development teams focus on vulnerability analysis, threat understanding and security intelligence, while providing core technical support for NSFOCUS products, solutions and services. This long-term commitment has helped its customers maintain high levels of business operations and ensures that their online business systems always remain available. With offices in the United States, Japan, Europe, China and Southeast Asia, NSFOCUS supports more than 27,000 enterprise-level customers including some of the largest telecom carriers, data centres, financial services companies, cloud service providers, managed security services providers and enterprises in the world.


About e92plus Limited

e92plus are an award winning, value added distributor with over 25 years’ experience empowering the IT channel. We specialise in security, wireless, virtualisation and data protection solutions, and have a proven track record in bringing the latest innovations and technology to market.

We work with a wide range of reseller partners, from the leading UK VARs, SIs, MSPs to SMBs and consultancies, helping them grow their business and provide essential support and expertise to their customers.

Our unique added value services differentiate us - from the most comprehensive range of professional services and technical support, to extensive marketing & lead generation programmes, to experienced sales support and development.

e92plus has distribution agreements with Absolute Software, Bitdefender, Celestix, Forcepoint, HEAT Software, NComputing, Purple WiFi, Quorum, Trend Micro, Ucopia, Xirrus.


About NS Focus

NSFOCUS IB is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSFOCUS, an enterprise network security provider, and is expanding operations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan. The company is building on 15 years of proven success, innovation and trust, with offerings protecting four of the world’s five largest banks, as well as organisations in insurance, retail, healthcare, critical infrastructure, and government. Enterprise- and carrier-grade products undergo rigorous evaluation and testing to Veracode VL4 certification, delivering powerful and effective threat management combined with advanced data analytics and intrusion prevention and detection capabilities. A research arm, the NSFOCUS Security Labs, is a renowned technical institute that tracks and analyzes global intelligence while identifying new network vulnerabilities and security trends. NSFOCUS IB has technology and channel partners in more than 60 countries, and is a member of the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP),, and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


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