NNT is the leading provider of SecureOps™. SecureOps™ combines the essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the operational discipline of change control.. By ensuring you have the prescribed essential security controls in place combined with the ability to correlate changes within your environment with an approved ticket or set of intelligent rules, organizations are able to prevent - and protect themselves against - all forms of breach as well as gaining full control of changes for both security and operational peace of mind.

NNT SecureOps Delivers Intelligent Change Control

All change is analyzed, validated, verified or highlighted as suspicious, the only way to maintain security and system integrity.

SecureOps from NNT includes essential, foundational security controls as prescribed by all leading security frameworks such as CIS and NIST with the innovation of change control pioneered by NNT.

From Development Through Deployment To Production

Continuous change control means security vulnerabilities and operational requirements are reviewed non-stop

Accurate, forensic-level baselines are locked in for business services and reviewed using tailored or CIS Certified secure configuration guidance, ensuring any drift from required states is identified before problems occur.

Why choose NNT?

Cost Savings, Continuous Compliance and Business-critical Security

"In addition to the significant costs savings NNT brings to the table, they help us to achieve PCI compliance and overcome our shortage in cybersecurity skills, since the product effectively automates the routine work of cybersecurity and compliance"

ITSM Integrations

“Our ServiceNow platform tightly integrated with Change Tracker, ensuring the change approval and reconciliation process is followed correctly in our fast-paced, complex IT environment”


“My team were handling the change tickets manually before but now it’s happening automatically every single day. The product has dramatically improved and streamlined the way we do things and is saving us a lot of time”

Intelligent Change Control

“Change Tracker is recognizing more change alerts than our previous solution and has given us the confidence that our IT environment is in a secure and compliant state”

Simplified Security

“Rather than use a lot of different security tools to perform the functions we need, we use NNT’s Change Tracker. I don’t want to run thirteen different agent-based solutions when NNT does it all for us”

CIS Alignment

“We use NNT to track hardening standards as well as monitor and automate the CIS critical security controls.”

Endless Integration Opportunities: Gain Full Visibility Into Other IT Systems

Looking for a Tripwire® alternative?

Whether you’re considering a new deployment or replacing an existing implementation, NNT’s software platform is a modern framework built to meet the needs and requirements of the largest and most demanding environments. Just ask any one of the hundreds that have become NNT customers!


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