Monitor and troubleshoot in real time

Increase your troubleshooting effectiveness. Sumo Logic helps you reduce downtime and move from reactive to proactive monitoring with cloud-based modern analytics powered by machine learning.


Act on threats instantly

Quickly detect Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), accelerate investigation, and ensure compliance using Sumo Logic Security Analytics.


Make smarter decisions

Enable data-driven business decisions and predict and analyze customer behavior using Sumo Logic’s real-time analytics platform.

Modern application architecture

Multi-cloud adoption

Continuous security

Continuous collaboration

Data-driven businesses

Intelligence gaps

Workloads are broken down into small components and distributed across cloud environments. This creates complexity, introducing more components, systems and signals to manage, capture and analyze.

Mulit-cloud adoption drives digital sprawl due to siloed architectures and management tools that provide only partial views, do not operate in real-time, and are not scalable for cloud environments.

Security complexity arises as the surface area of attack expands across a perimeter-less digital footprint, and organizations often lack the skilled analysts and cloud-native tools needed to secure this new world.

Collaboration becomes more important as teams struggle with antiquated, siloed systems that only present a partial view of data and lack real-time context around what is happening broadly across their organization.

Overwhelming volume of data continues to grow unabated and while companies must store and secure it, they are ill-equipped to extract value from it.

Why Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform™?

To speed quality improvements and better manage these complex systems and services.

To enable a single pane of visibility across the entire heterogenous architecture environment in real-time, and across multiple use cases.

To automate and speed threat detection and response, and to filter the real threats from the noise.

To enable all functions to operate with contextual insights from a single source of truth – their modern applications – to speed decision-making.

To transform a burden into real-time value that can contribute to business success and competitive advantage, addressing a variety of intelligence needs across multiple use cases.

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