F-Secure SENSE is a secure and elegant Wi-Fi router that secures every device in your home from online threats. Protecting your entire home network as well as your devices on the go, it is the only internet security you need.

What does Sense include? 

Secured Wi-Fi protection from every single internet connected device on your network, F-Secure SENSE replaces all your internet security products with one convenient solution. 

Protects new smart devices on the network, SENSE is the only way to protect modern smart devices like Televisions. Gaming consoles and connected home appliances. 

Internet security software, make sure you’re protected against viruses and other malware at home and on the go. SENSE comes with award-winning security apps for your computer, tables and smart phones. 

What makes the SENSE router special? 

Device discovery detects what kind of device is being connected to the SENSE network, this allows SENSE to adapt to its security needs, as different types of connected devices different types of protection.

IoT Security detects when something unusual is happening with smart devices, sensing their traffic to provide extra protection against IoT threats. This way SENSE can protect devices with no available security software.

Always up-to-date, secure router vulnerabilities in the software of traditional routers can expose your connected home to online threats. Forget clumsily updating your router using a confusing web interface or USB sticks, because the SENSE router regularly and automatically updates its software in a secure manner.



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