Ericom Software is a leading provider of Zero Trust secure access solutions that protect organizations from advanced cybersecurity threats. Leveraging innovative isolation technology and software-defined perimeter principles, Ericom solutions enable simple, secure policy-driven access to mission-critical cloud and on-premises business systems and resources, including the public Internet, without impacting end-user productivity

Ericom Secure Web Access

Why do organizations use Remote Browser Isolation to prevent cyber risks?

Over 40% of breaches are initiated via web browsers, making browsing a top cyber threat vector for enterprises. Yet no modern organization can function without the internet. Ericom Shield safely isolates active web content away from endpoints, so users can safely, seamlessly browse the websites they need to get their work done.

Prevention without Detection

Malware, ransomware, and zero-day threats emerge too rapidly for anti-malware solutions to keep up. If just one threat slips by your detection tool, results can be catastrophic.

With Ericom Shield, no active web content ever reaches network endpoints. Websites and browsing sessions are rendered in remote, isolated containers in the cloud and only safe, interactive media streams representing the website are sent to user browsers.

Zero Trust Browsing

You’ve adopted the Zero Trust approach of never implicitly trusting users or resources. So why trust content on the internet, today’s leading cyber threat vector, to be malware-free?

Ericom Shield Zero Trust Browsing (Remote Browser Isolation) operates on the assumption that all website content is suspicious, to protect enterprise networks from malicious content on every website users browse.

Maintain Productivity

Ericom Shield complements your existing secure web and secure email gateway solutions by allowing full access to URLs that are whitelisted and blocking those flagged as suspicious.

For sites lacking reputational history, rather than frustrating users by blocking them and burdening helpdesks with access requests, Ericom Shield allows users to browse safely while isolating potentially malicious content from endpoints and protecting enterprise assets.

Neutralize Web-based Threats

Keep even zero-day malware from reaching your endpoints

Block Phishing Attacks

Make credential theft and phishing compromises a thing of the past

Secure Access to Desktops and Apps

Powerful secure application access for customers who value flexibility and performance

Ericom & Forcepoint in partnership

Access to web and email are critical to most organizations – yet that access also presents the biggest threats, giving users exposure to phishing, malware, compromised websites and malware. Eircom and Forcepoint have combined to offer the best-in-class solution that combines the most advanced web security solution with browser isolation.

  • Increase productivity with user access to the web without sacrificing security and compliance
  • Secure networks from browserborne threats
  • Combine Ericom Shield’s Zero Trust approach with Forcepoint Web Security for secure, yet seamless internet browsing and endpoint protection
  • Unified solution to provide security based on threat behavioral intelligence identification
  • Secure browsing of uncategorized sites
  • Seamless, natural browsing experience for users

Ericom & Check Point in partnership

Numerous research studies highlight the fact that the browser is the most vulnerable attack vector, through which more than 60% of unknown malware penetrates organizations. Securing corporate assets from a frequent activity such as browsing is a massive challenge, especially with legitimate websites that have been comprised.

Defence in Depth

Integrating Check Point SandBlast with Ericom Shield provides a defense-in-depth approach to securing end-user web browsing by:

  • Isolating browsing of all web content away from the endpoint and internal networks
  • Abstracting web content as a media stream with no active content running on endpoints
  • Providing real-time content sanitization for documents and downloads
  • Filtering blacklisted URLs
  • Inspecting and blocking content at the CPU-level, before it can evade detection, to stop attacks before they have a chance to launch

Ericom solutions

Ericom Shield

The Ericom Shield zero trust remote browser isolation solution completely prevents web-based threats and phishing attacks from infecting endpoints. When a user browses to a site or clicks a URL in a phishing email, Ericom Shield renders all website content in a virtual remote browser located in the cloud.

A safe media stream representing the website is sent to the browser on the endpoint, providing a fully interactive user experience. Websites launched from URLs in emails can be rendered in read-only mode to prevent users from entering credentials for additional phishing protection. Attachments from websites are sanitized before being transmitted to endpoints, ensuring that malware within downloads cannot compromise user devices.

Ericom Connect

Ericom Connect remote desktop and application access software enables enterprise IT departments to quickly provide full, secure access for thousands of remote and work-from-home users. It integrates seamlessly with existing VPNs and supports multi-factor authentication. For use without a VPN, Ericom Connect has an optional free communication gateway component that provides secure network connections, enabling full encryption of all traffic from clients to applications and servers across public networks.

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