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Independent research has shown that the cost of a Cyber Attack to an organisation is proportionate to thenumber of employees, with the average cost estimated at $395 USD Per Employee.

From a technical perspective, Cyber Criminals have continued to develop increasingly more sophisticated and complex malware as part of their activities; however - despite this complexity - Cyber Criminals continue to rely on the simplest of mechanisms to deliver malware to their victims: Phishing E-mails.

Phishing Attacks are by no means complex; they simply take advantage of well-known weaknesses and poor behaviour traits of human e-mail recipients and computer users:

30% of Phishing E-mails which are delivered to people's inbox are opened by the recipient

For each Phishing E-mail that is opened, 12% of people either click on a link or download an attachment

A further 13% of people then provide the information requested (or perform the task requested)

Research has shown that Spam/Phishing filtering software only has a success rate of 93%. Given the sheer quantity of Phishing E-mails in circulation at present, this gap of 7% ensures that a significant amount of Phishing E-mails end up in the inbox along with legitimate e-mail - and this is where the danger lies.

Cyber Risk Aware provide cyber security awareness training with a view to reducing cyber risks for businesses and their staff. Independent Research has shown that Human Error has been identified as the Primary or Secondary Root Cause in 95% of all Cyber Security Incidents (IBM, 2014); as such, they help create the “Human Firewall” – intelligent cyber security aware employees that help protect organisations against the threat posed by Cyber Criminals. Their comprehensive online training platform has been used by Fortune 500 companies, FTSE 100 companies and is currently in use at a number of Cyber Insurance companies orldwide to determine and lower customer risk (and premiums).

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