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For over thirty years, NETSCOUT has focused on the science of leveraging network traffic to solve real-world problems such as such as cloud computing services, a globally outsourced workforce, distributed infrastructure, and increased mobility and collaboration. Using their analytics software they have enabled many of the world’s leading enterprise organizations and top government agencies to capture & transform terabytes of high-quality network traffic data in real time into high-value, actionable information that enables their customers to:

  • Optimize network performance
  • Manage applications
  • Enhance security
  • Gain insight into the end-user experience

Wi-Fi Solutions

NETSCOUT delivers the most accurate wireless network tools for designing, deploying and optimizing 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless LANs for maximized performance. From planning and deployment to ongoing network troubleshooting, the AirMagnet network tools span the entire WLAN lifecycle.

Their product range includes the AirCheck G2, which provides fast, simple, and accurate isolation and troubleshooting, thereby reducing the time spent to resolve wireless issues & simplify wireless troubleshooting.

Along with a wide range of software solutions designed to help engineers design and deploy wireless, proactively identify and locate any radio frequency interference, monitor & troubleshoot their wireless network and more, the NETSCOUT Wi-Fi solutions offering has the tools to ensure a great Wi-Fi experience.

Wired Solutions

NETSCOUT have a varied range of hand-held wired tools help frontline technicians validate network connectivity in less than 10 seconds, with quick and complete copper and fiber network connectivity testing. Their solutions streamline productivity with simple interfaces for technicians of varying skill level.

Wired + Wi-Fi Solutions

NETSCOUT offers solutions for frontline technicians that wish to have a single source for both wired and wireless troubleshooting. Our solution offers actionable insights, from the client to the cloud, in a single solution.

The OneTouch AT network assistant is an automated network troubleshooting tool that empowers IT professional teams to effectively validate, and troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi access networks.

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