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Xirrus were founded on the premise that “wireless would replace wired as the primary choice for network access” and continue to hold that vision — transforming wired to wireless by providing the most powerful, scalable, and simple wireless access solutions to organisations who depend on it for day-to-day operations.

Xirrus are the leader in high-performance wireless networks and delivers the industry’s broadest portfolio of Access Points and Arrays. Their unique modular design provides greater coverage and provides significant savings by reducing the amount of equipment, cable drops, switch ports, and installation labour costs required in the network.

Xirrus’ innovations in Wi-Fi hardware and software uniquely solve the challenges of ever-growing, ever-evolving Wi-Fi network demands. Xirrus offers the only modular, dual-band, multi-radio platform that features powerful application control, is highly scalable, future proof and easy to use.

Xirrus solutions deliver:

  • Affordability with up to 75% less cabling and equipment than other Wi-Fi solutions
  • Unprecedented reliability and performance
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi that ensures simple deployment and application control
  • Flexibility to grow and add capacity as Wi-Fi needs increase by simply snapping in additional radios

Access Points

Easy-to-Deploy — Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Xirrus Access Points deliver a highly flexible, high performance Wi-Fi solution to address a wide variety of applications. Stream-line IT operations with the Xirrus Management System (XMS), hosted either in the cloud or on-premise and enable new deployments within minutes with little IT involvement.

The unique architecture of Xirrus APs enables a high performance Wi-Fi experience. Integrated controllers, application prioritisation and control, and TurboXpress which enables an instant upgrade to 802.11ac on every radio to boost performance make Xirrus APs the fastest and reliable Wi-Fi on the planet. The Xirrus Wall Mounted Access Point delivers a flexible Wi-Fi for environments such as hotel rooms, dormitories, hospital rooms, and more.

High Density Access Points

Highest Density Access Points in the Industry

Xirrus offers the only multi-radio Wi-Fi platforms in the industry that provide high-density Wi-Fi with a superior user experience. Xirrus High Density APs reduce the amount of equipment deployed by 75% and decrease total cost of ownership by up to 50% versus competing products.

Xirrus High Density APs feature TurboXpress, a powerful network service that enables administrators to configure every radio on the AP for high-speed 802.11ac operation, with the click of a mouse, providing an instant Wi-Fi performance boost of up to 6x. The TurboXpress feature means that the Xirrus XD AP is the only solution in the industry that can add wireless capacity instantaneously without adding APs.

In addition, TurboXpress provides unprecedented investment protection by enabling the ability to instantly adapt the Wi-Fi network to address the ever-changing needs.

All Xirrus APs can easily be managed from anywhere with cloud-hosted XMS-C network management or our on-premise XMS-Enterprise offering. Xirrus integrates Application Control in every AP to provide complete visibility and capability to prioritize business-critical applications across the entire network. Hardened high density APs simplify Wi-Fi deployments in the most demanding outdoor environments.


As budgets diminish and time becomes a scarce commodity, cloud services bring affordability and efficiency to network management. XMS-Cloud is a powerful solution for deploying and managing your Wi-Fi network with complete control and visibility anywhere, anytime.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

XMS-Cloud was developed using the latest cutting-edge web technologies to ensure a future-ready platform able to meet the growing and ever-changing needs of enterprises, educational institutions, and service providers.

Xirrus cloud technology includes TLS for robust security and firewall-friendly communications, bi-directional messaging protocols for nearly instantaneous changes and alerts, and a NoSQL distributed database to handle today’s increasing performance demands.

Highly Resilient

Highly Resilient

From its inception, Xirrus has built wireless solutions that have no centralised dependencies and no single-point-of-failure. This ensures system resiliency for mission-critical applications.

XMS-Cloud offers complete data centre redundancy and data replication for guaranteed service availability. Cloud platforms aren’t failure points even if the network goes down, and APs act autonomously even if a cloud connection is lost, meaning security and traffic are processed directly at the network edge in each AP.

Robust Security

Robust Security

Multi-level security is fundamental to Xirrus cloud architecture to ensure privacy of data and protection from external exploits. Multi-tenancy isolates customer data, and encryption prevents visibility of communications between a customer site and the cloud.

User data is kept separate from management data whereby only management data enters the cloud.

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