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Cybersecurity distribution that’s built for the cloud generation

e92cloud is the dedicated cloud security division of e92plus, and we’re here to help our partners embrace the potential of the cloud – and in particular the hyper-scale providers and their marketplaces.

With exponential growth in the cloud due to accelerated digital transformation and the need for more agile IT systems to suit a distributed and remote workforce, more organisations are choosing a cloud-first strategy.

And if we take the cloud to simply mean “someone else’s computer”, then the need for enhanced and dedicated cybersecurity cloud is clear.

What does this mean for VARs?

As organisations embrace the cloud, often a new approach to cybersecurity is needed. And at e92plus we can help – our vendor portfolio includes both the biggest names with established cloud solutions as well as newer, disruptive products from emerging vendors.

A new challenge is that of the cloud marketplaces – such as AWS Marketplace – and as they were designed for automation, customers can buy direct.

Building the channel into the cloud marketplaces

There’s no doubt this challenge needs a new approach – and that’s where e92cloud comes in. For smaller VARs and CSPs in particular, the support from e92cloud means that they can approach the topic of AWS procurement with confidence.

In partnership with our vendors, we’ve got the solution. e92cloud are a CPPO, and AWS Marketplace partner, and we’ve worked with multiple vendors and reseller partners to help transact orders with AWS. We’ve helped ensure projects have closed successfully, while keeping the partner involved and supporting their customer relationship.

With e92cloud, our partners can:

  • Work with their customer to source the right vendors and products on AWS Marketplace
  • Negotiate the best price through a CPPO
  • Work with the e92cloud to manage the transaction, ensuring the partner receives their margin (with options for multi-year or upfront payments)
  • Leverage e92cloud Professional Services through AWS Marketplace
  • Recognise the full project revenue for their business

Working with the latest technologies

Contact us today to learn more about our vendor portfolio and how we can help you.