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Cybersecurity can be a challenging market – a never-ending stream of new threats, continual innovation in response delivering new products and creating new categories of solution to the problem.

If you’re a VAR looking to expand your cybersecurity business, or if you’re new to cyber and want to know where to start, or you simply want to ensure you’re not missing a key new technology, where do you start?

Our interactive Cybersecurity Wheel helps VARs like you understand the landscape, and identify key areas to focus on, or potential whitespace in portfolio. It highlights upcoming technology to help you stay ahead of the competition, and avoid missing out on the fundamentals that might mean missing out on opportunities with your customers.

You can explore the wheel below, with options including:

  • Select a technology to learn more, including links to essential insights and details on vendors in our portfolio who can help
  • Select a vendor, to get an instant snapshot of their technology stack
  • Select a threat to understand the key solutions that can help organisations address a challenge or defend against attacks

Introducing the Cybersecurity Maturity Framework

Our model, unique to e92plus, helps identify three stages of cyber maturity across 4 technology areas. It’s designed to help partners recognise areas in their portfolio that need addressing, or new opportunities that they could be missing out on.

For end-user organisations, it helps highlights the fundamentals they should be covering (to compliment frameworks such as Cyber Essentials or the NCSC Guides), along with areas to include on a future roadmap to address tomorrow’s threats.

Firstly, it’s broken down into 4 core areas: Applications, Endpoint, Network and Cloud. The next step is the 3 rings, and the increasing level of cybersecurity maturity:

This page is designed to be interactive, for the full experience please visit it on your desktop

Cyber Fundamentals

Best Practice

Next Gen


Gateway & Edge




Cyber Fundamentals are products organisations should all be deploying to help protect against current threats.

Best Practice is where technologies are becoming the new bench, helping protect against the next generation of attack.

Next Gen are the most advanced solutions, to defend against tomorrow’s threat.

For more information on the framework, how it can help your organisation, or to find out what technologies can help address any of the areas included, contact e92plus today below.