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Maximise customer satisfaction & identify up-sell opportunities with upcoming customer renewals.
The e92plus Technical Services provide unrivalled support & expertise to our partners and customers
We have a proven track record in bringing in next generation technology to market, alongside working with the biggest names in cybersecurity and networking, and our experienced team of engineers help deliver that.

Our technical offering includes the full spectrum of professional services, from initial pre-sales engagement with the end-user, understanding requirements and designing the perfect solution.

We can then help provide complete project management and delivery, including on-site or remote deployment, configuration and go-live support. We can even provide a full SLA-backed First Response service, providing complete peace of mind.

The e92plus Technical Services are here with you every step of the journey in helping your customers secure their digital business – from consultancy and expertise in finding the right technology, to getting it deployed and running efficiently, to in-depth training and support to help deliver the best value back to their business. Most importantly, and uniquely, we provide those services in-house, leveraging our 30+ years of experience and the agility and knowledge that comes from being the leading cybersecurity VAD.

We’re now making our Cybersecurity Healthchecks available on every single renewal – meaning our team can help you secure those customers for future years, as well as ensuring they are making the most of their investment. We’ll also identify potential up/cross sell for technologies with the same vendor, or even complimentary solutions, that could help provide even greater protection.
What’s a Cybersecurity Healthcheck?
Increase renewal rates and identify up-sell potential in advance of renewals with our unique service

Ensuring security technologies are optimised and providing the best possible defence against modern threats is essential not just to protect your customers, but also to help demonstrate the best ROI from their investment. We all known the challenge of ensuring that all solutions are deploying effectively, features used and reporting configured efficiently - so how can we help?
A Cybersecurity Healthcheck from e92plus provides peace of mind for your customer, as we’ll review the existing deployment – from core network, to applications, to endpoints, to cloud – and make recommendations on any potential improvements. Most importantly, we’ll also explore the potential to add additional features, options or technologies to compliment that solution.
How does it work?
The process is simple, and the offering is available to any customer who has purchased a solution from you that was then procured via e92plus. We offer healthchecks for any time between 90 days and 1 day before the renewal date, but we’d always recommend doing so as early as possible to ensure any recommendations can be actioned in advance.
Customer Kick-off call
We’ll set up a call with the customer, & run through the existing deployment, what they’re looking to achieve and highlight any immediate action points. 1
Review System Architecture
The existing deployment will be reviewed, to give a full understanding of what’s in place 2
Review System Configuration
The configuration will also be reviewed, and matched against best practice and the objectives the customer was looking to achieve. 3
Document Recommendations
The e92plus engineer to document any recommendations, improvements and potential services, training or up/cross sell opportunities. 4
Next steps?
You’ll get a link to request a bespoke Cybersecurity Healthcheck for every renewal opportunity with e92plus, so look out for that on each quote you receive from the team.

If you have any questions, want to learn more or haven’t received the quote or link? Just complete the form below, and we’ll get straight back to you.
Healthcheck form

Start by a filling out our form, in as much detail as possible. Thank you.

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