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The complete phishing defence package

Cloud-native Cofense Protect MSP delivers best-in-class phishing protection and simulations for Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace, that's built for MSPs.

The solution is multi-tenant with 40-second activation, unlimited internal use and integration with ConnectWise, Datto and SyncroMSP.

Why choose Cofense

Deploy Phishing Protection and Training. In 40 seconds.

40 seconds is all it takes to give your customers unmatched phishing protection and PhishMe-based simulation training.

How do does Cofense do that? Cofense Protect MSP “looks” at emails, landing pages, websites, and even attachments in real time using our patented Computer Vision AI before they have been reported or added to deny lists to stop phishing attacks fast. The Computer Vision technology routinely stops 30-50 times more phishing attacks than existing email security.

As a Cofense MSP partner you can protect your own environment, in the same 40 seconds, completely free of charge.

Contact us to start your unlimited free trial today.

Visual Analysis

The solution “looks” at emails and pages, and analyzes their actual visual representation to detect impersonation.

Real-Time Analysis

New, just created, malicious websites and emails are detected and blocked on the fly, before they are opened by their intended recipient.

Total Employee Protection

Phishing websites, mediator pages, impostor emails (BEC, CEO Fraud), hidden malware and ransomware, in-attachment phishing.

Custom Mitigation

Configurable rules for incident management control, including integration with top SOC and SIEM providers.

Cloud Email

Fast, server-side, non-proxy, out-of- band deployment, with minimal support and maintenance.

Advanced Reporting

Detailed and aggregated incident reports delivered via dashboard, periodic emails and executive reports



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