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Cyber stories from behind the technology
Welcome to Return of the Hack from e92plus - the video and podcast series where we explore some of the most interesting stories in cybersecurity. There’s no pitch, no product - simply conversations with people from every part of our community, from brand leaders to technical experts & research analysts.
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Series 3 Episode 7
AI Debate
Exploring the role of AI in cybersecurity

There is no bigger topic in IT right now than AI - and it's central to the technology deployed by both defenders and attackers in cybersecurity. In this exclusive debate, we're joined by leaders in the field - Deryck Mitchelson (Field CISO at Check Point), Carl Froggett (CISO at Deep Instinct) and James Hickey (Director of Sales Engineering at Cofense). We discuss the big topics, learn about the guests' experience in banking and healthcare, the role of guardrails, and epxlore what the future might bring.

Series 3 Episode 6
A conversation with
Dirk Schrader
How to become cyber resilient

One of the biggest changes in cybersecurity strategy is a move towards cyber resilience - but what does that mean? I'm joined by Dirk Schrader, Field CISO (EMEA) / VP of Security Research at Netwrix, to discuss about what defines resilience, why it's important, and what it means for an organisation's digital footprint. We also cover how it builds into a wider business continuity plan, beyond just IT, and the importance of a Plan B.

Series 3 Episode 5
A conversation with
Gavin Wood
Building a successful cybersecurity VAR and MSP business

Partners are at the core of the cybersecurity channel - and bring together the latest technology from vendors with the IT and infosec teams on the frontline. But what are the challenges in building a successful channel partners, what are the big trends in procurement, and how can the channel help customers do more with less, especially in the face of an ever more complex threat landscape? I'm joined by Gavin Wood, CEO at Cyberlab.

Series 3 Episode 4
A conversation with
Pascal Geenens
Analysing the Global Threat Landscape

The global threat landscape is changing quickly, so what are the key trends in 2024, and what can we learn from last year? DDoS attacks are focusing on the application layer, there's been a shift to the cloud for both attackers and defenders, DNS attacks have returned, and the hactivist threat has significantly grown. To learn more, we're joined by one of the key figures behind the report, Pascal Geenens, Director of Threat Intelligence at Radware.

Series 3 Episode 3
A conversation with
Avril Ronan
Internet Safety for Kids and Families

Cybersecurity isn't just for our customers - it's for everyone, at home as well as at work. As a cybersecurity community, are we doing enough to help educate kids, families, parents and older citizens new the online world? I'm joined by Avril Ronan, Global Programme Manager for Internet Safety at Trend, to discuss how they've reach nearly 4 million people through their initiative.

Series 3 Episode 2
A conversation with
Carl Froggett
The evolving role of the CISO

The importance of cybersecurity has never been greater to organisations of all sizes - and the role of the CISO has changed to reflect that. But what are the key priorities now, how do technology leaders build a cybersecurity culture, and what is needed to move from detect and respond to a preventative approach? I discuss the challenges for the modern day CISO with Carl Froggett, who brings his experience as CISO at Deep Instinct as well as a leading global bank tothe conversation.

Series 3 Episode 1
A conversation with
Beth Maundrill
Cybersecurity and the media

When it comes to responding to a cyber attack, the story doesn't stop with the IT team's response - that's where it can start. But do organisations deal with the media, the PR challenges, and how good are the cybersecurity community and gettign across the right message? I look at cyber incidents from a different perspective with Beth Maundrill, Editor at Infosecurity Magazine.

Series 2 Episode 8
A conversation with
Jeff Williams
AppSec and DevOps

Is AppSec working? The important of security in DevOps for applications of all times has never been more critical, but is there a better way - and what is the role we all play, from CISOs to governments. I'm joined by a giant of AppSec, Jeff Williams – the Founder and CTO of Contrast, as well as the Co-Founder of OWASP.

Series 2 Episode 7
A conversation with
Nick Hogg
The importance of cybersecurity education & culture

The adage of employees being both the weakest link and first line of defence remains true - but how can organisations truly leverage people's unique insight and engagement with phishing emails, spoof websites and social engineering? Nick Hogg, Director of Technical Training at Fortra, provides the insights.

Series 2 Episode 6
A conversation with
Rois Ni Thuama
DORA (not the explorer)

DORA is coming, and it's changing the cybersecurity game for financial organisations. This new legislation provides a comprehensive rulebook on what organisations need to do to become digitally resilient, and it could have a huge impact on compliance requirements. But what does it actually involve? We'll hear from Rois Ni Thuama PhD, Head of Cyber Governance at Red Sift.

Series 2 Episode 5
A conversation with
Kunal Agarwal
Disrupting the cybersecurity market

The cybersecurity industry is built on innovation and emerging technology – and Dope Security are currently one of the most disruptive start-ups. I talk to their founder, Kunal Agarwal, about his meteoric rise, experience at industry giants before founding Dope, influences from diverse fields like fashion, and how Dope are taking a unique approach to cybersecurity.

Series 2 Episode 4
A conversation with
Sagi Bar-Zvi
The Role of Policy in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most dynamic parts of IT, and central to strategy - and yet often it's built on a legacy of manual processes and spreadsheets. Can we automate policy and compliance, deliver a consistent approach to the multi-vendor, multi-device, multi-cloud, and deliver true ROI?

Series 2 Episode 3
A conversation with
Deryck Mitchelson

Artificial Intelligence, or AI - it's the topic you can't avoid in tech right now. I discuss the topic with Deryck, Field CISO at Check Point, on the impact of AI on cybersecurity, what the future might hold and whether we really should be worried about Skynet.

Series 2 Episode 2
A conversation with
Paul Martini
What really is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust, or ZTNA, is one of the most popular topics, but really is it, what's actually achievable, and how do we get there? I'm joined by Paul Martini, CEO and Co-Founder of iboss, on what Zero Trust can really deliver for organisations.

Series 2 Episode 1
Could I Hack You?
Jenny Radcliffe
Social engineering meets cybersecurity

We kick off Season 2 with a fantastic recording of our webinar on social engineering, featuring keynote speaker and the new public face of cybersecurity advice - Jenny Radcliffe. We're also joined by three other experts, as we discuss the critical role we all play in keeping data, networks and even buildings safe.

Series 1 Episode 7
A conversation with
Bharat Mistry
Understanding the attack surface

Risk management is a key part of cybersecurity - alignment to business strategy, understanding the attack surface, and taking steps to use risk to prioritise IT strategy effectively. My guest is Bharat Mistry, Technical Director at Trend Micro.

Series 1 Episode 6
A conversation with
Ronnie Tokazowski
Beyond BEC - the human cost of scams

Business Email Compromise is a common technique by cybercriminals - but what's it's origin, and the stories behind it? We discuss the human cost of BEC, cyber crime and social engineering. My guest Ronnie Tokazowski is the Principal Threat Advisor at Cofense.

Series 1 Episode 5
A conversation with
Lewis Duke
Threat Intelligence

We explore Threat Intelligence, what it actually is and how organisations can effectively use it as part of their cyber defences. We learn how it's acquired, use to combat threats like ransomware, and the importance of sharing with partners and customers. Lewis Duke is a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at Trend Micro.

Series 1 Episode 4
A conversation with
Khalid Khan
Cybersecurity in Industrial Systems

We cover some of Khalid's background and the role of cybersecurity in industrial systems, and some of the major historical IT events like Y2K, and then look how we protect our infrastructure moving forward. Khalid is Director of Sales Engineering at Forcepoint.

Series 1 Episode 3
A conversation with
Adam Darrah
The Dark Web and Geopolitics in Cybersecurity

We discuss the dark web, what this alternative side of the internet is really like, the impact of geopolitics and how people really are at the heart of the cybersecurity challenge. Adam is Senior Director, Dark Ops Collections at ZeroFox.

Series 1 Episode 2
A conversation with
Simon Walsh
Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks

We explore the ransomware threat to global supply chains, with the latest research showing the huge impact ransomware has in exploiting this fundamental part of how we work today. Simon is a Senior Sales Engineer at Trend Micro.

Series 1 Episode 1
A conversation with
Dave Barnett
Business Email Compromise

We look at business email compromise, how it's evolved and the role people play in cyber defences, the development of cloud cybersecurity. Dave Barnett is the Head of SASE and email security EMEA at Cloudflare.

Upcoming podcasts

Here's some of the topics we'll be covering in future episodes.

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Cyber Education

A conversation with Avril Ronan

S3 E4

The importance of cyber resilience

A conversation with Dirk Schrader