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Cyber stories from behind the technology
Welcome to Return of the Hack from e92plus - the video and podcast series where we explore some of the most interesting stories in cybersecurity. There’s no pitch, no product - simply conversations with people from every part of our community, from brand leaders to technical experts & research analysts.
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Series One Episode One
A conversation with
Dave Barnett
Business Email Compromise

We look at business email compromise, how it's evolved and the role people play in cyber defences, the development of cloud cybersecurity. Dave Barnett is the Head of SASE and email security EMEA at Cloudflare.

Series One Episode Two
A conversation with
Simon Walsh
Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks

We explore the ransomware threat to global supply chains, with the latest research showing the huge impact ransomware has in exploiting this fundamental part of how we work today. Simon is a Senior Sales Engineer at Trend Micro.

Series One Episode Three
A conversation with
Adam Darrah
The Dark Web and Geopolitics in Cybersecurity

We discuss the dark web, what this alternative side of the internet is really like, the impact of geopolitics and how people really are at the heart of the cybersecurity challenge. Adam is Senior Director, Dark Ops Collections at ZeroFox.

Series One Episode Four
A conversation with
Khalid Khan
Cybersecurity in Industrial Systems

We cover some of Khalid's background and the role of cybersecurity in industrial systems, and some of the major historical IT events like Y2K, and then look how we protect our infrastructure moving forward. Khalid is Director of Sales Engineering at Forcepoint.

Series One Episode Five
Coming Soon Threat Intelligence
Series One Episode Six
Coming Soon Beyond BEC - the human cost of scams