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Autonomous Vulnerability Remediation

Remotely & automatically mitigate threats in your digital environment. TOPIA is a consolidated cloud-based vulnerability management platform that efficiently reduce your organizational cyber risk.

Why choose Vicarius

TOPIA- Multiple Threats. One Solution!

TOPIA cloud-based cybersecurity platform continuously analyzes vulnerabilities, prioritizes threats, and protects vulnerable assets.

Patch Everything You Need

Automatically or manually install all prioritized updates for which a patch is available across your OS and Apps. Focus on the vulnerabilities that have a real probability of being exploited instead of solving problems that don’t exist.

Close Security Gaps

TOPIA’s Patchless Protection™ reduces the risk of a security breach even if a patch is not available. Using in-memory protection, TOPIA deploys a force-field around vulnerable applications so you can keep unpatched applications secure.

Boost the Security of Your Remote Workforce

TOPIA provides a cloud-based, real-time inventory that gives you a full catalogue of your endpoints no matter their location. Get an exacting view of your organization’s digital structure.

Enjoy Your Lunch Break

TOPIA’s automation capabilities, along with many other efficiency maximizing tools, streamline vulnerability management so you can enjoy your lunch break to its fullest extent. Rapidly reduce your risk exposure from the vantage point of a clear user-interface and a clear mind.



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