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Protect and accelerate your websites, apps, and teams

A faster, more secure, and more reliable internet for everyone.

Why choose Cloudflare

Cloudflare is the global network designed to make everything connected to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. From securing websites, APIs and apps to protecing corporate networks, employees and devices, Cloudflare have a solution.

Your customers are building their business in the cloud – from websites to applications, APIs to workloads and infrastructure. It’s essential these resources are secure, reliable and delivering the best performances.

Cloudflare provides a complete solution to enable this for anything connected to the Internet:

  • Cloud-native architecture
  • Single UI to manage security and performance
  • Centralised data for faster insights into performance and security
  • Protection and continued uptime during DDoS attacks, while delivering accelerated performance for the applications

Comprehensive DDoS Protection. Built for anything connected to the Internet

Cloudflare DDoS protection secures websites, applications, and entire networks while ensuring the performance of legitimate traffic is not compromised.

Web Application Firewall Built for the modern enterprise architecture

An intelligent, integrated and scalable solution to protect your business-critical web applications from malicious attacks, with no changes to your existing infrastructure.

Cloudflare Bot Management Stop bad bots by using threat intelligence at-scale

Now you can manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from approximately 25 million Internet properties on Cloudflare.

Magic Transit Extending Cloudflare to all your networks

When organizations need to protect their networks, IT departments typically turn to legacy hardware boxes or cloud ‘scrubbing’ providers. But traditional solutions just aren’t designed to fulfill the Internet’s basic needs: security, performance, and reliability. Magic Transit delivers network functions at Cloudflare scale— that’s DDoS protection, traffic acceleration, and much more from every Cloudflare data center— for on-premise, cloud-hosted, and hybrid networks.



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