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Take the fight to the adversary

The ZeroFox Platform delivers proactive intelligence to disrupt phishing, impersonations, malicious domains and data leakage across the public, deep and dark web.

Why choose ZeroFox

Organisations have spent years building firewalls and agents to secure internal networks while assets, data and customer engagement moved externally. The challenge now is how to protect the assets you own on the networks you don’t - the deep and dark web, social media and public platforms. The ZeroFox Platform was built for the external. Combing through vast, complex threat data, they find and take down external threats at internet scale.

Dark Web Monitoring

Gain visibility into dark web forums to uncover data leakage and attack chatter with ZeroFox Dark Web Monitoring.

Brand Protection Software

Safeguard your enterprise against fraudulent domains, impersonations, account takeover and reputation damage with brand protection software.

Cyber Threat intelligence

Threat intelligence tailored for your organization with the AI platform and expert resources to drive action.

Executive Protection

Protect executives against account takeovers, impersonations, targeted attacks and disruptive events.

Physical Security Intelligence (PSI)

Keep employees and customers safe with immediate alerts and 24/7 visibility over disruptive global events and incidents.

Adversary Disruption

Take down immediate threats and neutralize attacker infrastructure to prevent future attacks



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