Here’s how Contrast Security works

Every business is a software business. Yet software remains the leading source of data breaches. The stakes are too costly to leave it unprotected and the old methods just don't work anymore. Contrast Security makes software self-protecting so it can defend itself from vulnerabilities & attacks. Contrast eliminates risk to software applications and their data.

By being within the application itself, Contrast gives you visibility into the application like never before and provides actionable and timely application layer threat intelligence across the entire application.

Contrast Security's unique patented instrumentation enables our agent to perform attack detection and response with more insight, at a deeper level than other solutions. By using Runtime Exploit Prevention, a seven-step approach that is more robust and comprehensive. Contrast improves the likelihood of blocking zero-day attacks and detecting probe attempts.

Contrast uses instrumentation to deploy and more accurately identify application vulnerabilities in minutes, without experts or legacy SAST and DAST testing tools.

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Our IAST product is a revolutionary application security testing solution that infuses software with vulnerability assessment capabilities so that security flaws are automatically identified

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Our RASP product provides continuous, accurate, and scalable protection. See into your application and protect it like never before

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Delivers automated open source risk management by embedding security and compliance checks in applications throughout the development process while performing continuous monitoring in production.

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CE or Community Editon

The only DevOps-native AppSec Platform for free. Designed with developers in mind.

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Integrate Contrast seamlessly across the application stack. It’s easily scalable across your application portfolio and stakeholders.

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