Platform Overview

Cymulate automatically identifies security gaps in one click and tells you exactly how to fix them. It’s that simple.


Cymulate deploys thousands of attacks across all vectors, simulating thousands of possible threats your organization may encounter. All with just the click of a button.


In moments, you receive a quantifiable risk score and a detailed report showing exactly where and how your company is exposed. Now, knowing your cyber posture and tracking security improvements has never been easier.


Get specific directions for closing security gaps using your existing security controls – like changing a policy or a configuration. That way, you optimize your security controls and minimize your exposure to risk.

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Fast & Fully Automated

No delays. No learning curves. Just download a single agent, run simulated attacks as often as you’d like, and see your detailed report in minutes.

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Non-Stop Protection

You wouldn’t plan your next vacation based on last week’s weather. So why base your security on last week’s report? Schedule Cymulate to run as often as you’d like so you stay up to date and your company stays continuously secure.

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Cymulate allows organisations to access their readiness to handle cyber security threats effectively by simulating myriad of tactics and strategic used by hackers.

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