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Proven and reliable security technology. Based in Finland, F-Secure has been defending tens of millions of people around the globe from digital threats for over 25 years. Our award-winning products protect people and companies against everything from ransom-ware to corporate cyberattacks. We're on a mission to help people connect safely.

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Protect your life on every device

F-Secure SAFE is built to protect you in the online world. We want you to enjoy life without worrying explore the internet, enjoy online shopping, watch videos, listen to music, communicate with your family and friends and let F-Secure SAFE keep you protected.

Our award-winning security looks out for you and the people close to you, on every device, all the time.

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Stay safe. Protect your privacy.

Make your online life protected and untracked with F-Secure. These days we are constantly connected to the Internet. We stay connected to our loved ones, do our banking and shopping online and ask search engines questions we wouldn't ask anyone else. With the amount of personal data we handle every day on our smartphones, tablets, and computers, it's important to keep all our devices protected and our information private. F-Secure total security and privacy offers complete protection for your online safety and privacy.

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Internet security

Internet security for your PC

F Secure Internet Security's award-winning protection lets you use your computer to surf the web, shop online, and use Internet banking without worrying. F Secure Internet Security automatically protects you and your PCs against malware, hackers, and identity theft.

Whenever you go online, your banking transactions are secured with banking protection, and you can decide what content your children can and cannot see.

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Freedome VPN

All these benefits by pushing one button

  • COMPLETE PRIVACY Trackers, advertisers or even your Internet service provider can't see what you do online.
  • ACCESS BLOCKED CONTENT Change your virtual location and you won't see the text "this video/service/website is unavailable in your country" again.
  • WI FI SECURITY Even on unsecured public Wi Fi, your traffic is encrypted and impossible to intercept.
  • SAFE SURFING Your own private VPN tunnel blocks hackers, malicious sites and bad apps.
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Secure router and app

F-Secure SENSE is a secure and elegant WiFi router that secures every device in your home from online threats. Protecting your entire home network as well as your devices on the go, it is the only internet security you need.

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