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Things can go wrong - but what happens next?
Join us to discuss cyber incident response, attack scenarios and insights on building resilience for your customers.
Date 15th Feb 2024 / 10am - 2pm Location Etihad Stadium Manchester Register your interest

When it comes to cybersecurity, for all the best strategy, planning and technology, things can go wrong. And for many organisations, if it goes wrong, it goes really wrong.

Manufacturing stops. Hospital A&E closes. Online stores can’t accept orders. It can stop businesses, full stop.

So let’s have that conversation, and talk cyber incident response. Because Plan B can be critical for organisations in their business continuity, when it becomes not about technology, but keeping business working. To help ensure your customers have the right processes and services in place, they need to understand the risk – and how to mitigate the risk, and plan for what might come next.

Join our unique workshop, where we’ll be joined by experts to run through typical scenarios, explore real-life case studies, and share their experience of helping organisations respond quickly when it does indeed go wrong.

This event will provide insights into typical customer challenges, attack scenarios and provide insights for you to take to your customers. It’s designed for solution teams, account managers/directors and pre-sales consultants.

Key topics include

Attack mitigation

What happens when networks, applications or infrastructure are under attack?

Business resilience

How can organisations can stay productive and efficient, not just secure

Digital forensics

In the event of breach, where does the data actually go, and can it be retrieved or the risk mitigated?

Ransomware defence

Is there an alternative to paying out, and recovering quickly and securely?

Date 15th Feb 2024
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