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Vicarius and Dope Security lunch workshop - Leeds

24 Oct 2023 12:00 Location: Leeds - Venue TBC

Join e92plus for lunch in a private dining room and find out more about our partners, Vicarius and Dope.Security.

Vicarius is on a mission to prevent hackers from exploiting corporate devices - and restore your sleep. They're a team of engineers, designers and security experts passionate about cyberthreat protection and they believe in taking a proactive approach to vulnerability management because when it comes to your most critical assets, you need to be prepared for unexpected attacks. By providing organisations with the tools they need to ensure they're always protected, e92plus and Vicarius are helping make the world a safer and more secure place for all.

Dope.Security are moving policy enforcement from the cloud to on-device, they're flying direct between your device and internet access with all security checks happening locally — rather than at a stopover. You’ll no longer be affected by data center outages, all decryption will be securely on-device where no threat actors can see it, and you’ll experience 4x performance while running on HTTP/2, all on one easy to use platform.

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