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Building a Profitable Security Awareness Training SAT service with Censornet

20 Jun 2024 11:30 Location: Online

Can we really build a human firewall?

It’s long been discussed that humans are the strongest defence against cyber attacks by fostering a positive cybersecurity culture. For organisations, that’s been a long running challenge – of training and empowering users to ensure they stay vigilant, recognises threats and have the right processes to report suspicious emails.

However, 7 out of 10 businesses currently don’t invest in cyber awareness

This represents a huge opportunities for MSPs, to help provide a service to customers that drives clear, demonstrable benefits, and extends beyond just the IT team. It also reduces the biggest threat vector that businesses face
• 74% of all cyber attacks start at the inbox
• 92% of Malware is delivered via email
• Over 90% of Cyber Attacks involve Staff Error

MSPs also need to provide cost-effective yet profitable SAT services to help their customers to meet additional strategic priorities – such as supply chain security, certification and compliance (e.g. Cyber Essentials +) & insurance conditions that necessitate SAT.

To find out more, join our webinar to understand Censornet's unique approach to Security Awareness Training and how this could become a valuable service for your MSP

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