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Tailored financing designed for the IT channel

How organisations invest in technology is evolving as quickly as the technology itself – with a move to the cloud, SaaS and on-demand services, flexibility is essential to help your customers purchase the solutions they need in the way that fits their business.

That’s where e92capital comes in, providing a range of options to fit the needs of your customers.

e92capital, part of the e92plus Group, comes from over 30 years experience in helping channel partners and customers finance the right solution for their business. Built with a level of a service that comes from people that know and understand the industry, we work alongside a panel of global finance partners, meaning we are able to facilitate the most suitable products ensuring that the end customer is always at the forefront of all decisions.

Importantly, it’s built in a way that’s channel first. That means it’s designed to make the process as simple as possible for our reseller partners, helping them build trust with the customers while delivering a service not available from traditional financial organisations.

Finance that’s channel first.

We know that the financial landscape for our partners has changed significantly – and while the IT market is strong, that’s not the case for every business. Even when business is good, if customers delay paying then cashflow is tight.

That’s why 75% of our financial services offerings below provide partner margin upfront. That means within 7 days of placing the order, partners receive their full margin. No delays, no fees to pay, no questions. It’s another way that e92plus are Channel First.

Being flexible when it matters

So, how can we help? Here’s a summary, click through to find out more, or contact us using the form below.


Partner Financing

Simple extended credit options, with flexible billing

Great for extending existing credit, with no paperwork and flexible options

Project Finance

Partner Financing

Financing for one-off larger projects, all managed by us

No fees or third parties, a great solution for one-off large orders above traditional credit levels


Customer Financing

Monthly Billing for one-off larger projects, with no third parties

No fees or third parties, providing OpEx monthly billing for cloud & subscription licences


Customer Financing

Multi-Year Financing for larger projects, with multiple options

The perfect solution for leasing on large projects, with exclusive competitive rates from world class lenders