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e92capital Leasing

Financing that puts you in control

Traditionally IT has been focused on an investment with hardware and software, invariably as part of the CapEx budget – meaning upfront cost for the business. However, organisations are beginning to view technology as a utility or operational cost, embedded with a business rather simply a cost centre, and also need to retain those budgets for other areas. Keeping a strong balance sheet is essential, as well as reducing any credit risks.

With e92capital Leasing, we can help your customers find alternative financial solutions for any area of IT – including licencing, cloud applications and even professional services. This means the business can treat their IT assets as an operational expense (which a tax deductible), and can improve management of the IT lifecycle. It can also allow a smoother, more manageable refresh lifecycle (and reduce reliance on aging kit), and we can even help manage disposal, data wiping and WEEE Directive compliance.

Although our focus is on our own vendor portfolio, our access to extensive resources means that we would be delighted to work with any IT procurement project, including greenfield sites, digital transformation, lifecycle refreshes and other equipment, software and services.

Refreshing IT infrastructure to optimise the useable lifespan of assets means opening access the latest technology, as well as a better service as the equipment is phased out at the right time. By investing a residual value it will mean not paying back the total value of the equipment when looking at total cost of ownership (TCO).

What can be financed?


Finance Lease

Hire Purchase

Residual Value investment

Managed Service contracts

We identify the requirement and offer the solution that best fits the business.

What can be financed?

Software (including licencing and Cloud subscriptions)

PC’s, laptops and monitors

Servers and mainframes

Telephony systems

Audio Visual

Mobile devices, handhelds and tablets

Point of Sale equipment

Data Centre

Configuration, delivery and installation

At e92capital, we have a panel of world leading banks and specialist IT finance houses, with access to exclusive rates and offers. Rather than going separately to a third party, by working with e92capital, our partners are benefiting from a simpler process, a single contact to deal with, and the benefit of project management for the whole day that manages the customer relationship to minimize the chance of any issues.

Plus, with e92capital we can bring additional benefits – from including a wide range of additional IT products into the project (including those not purchased through e92plus), as well as paying the margin up front to our partner.

With a range of options from 12 to 60 months with monthly or quarterly payments, and competitive rates, we can find the solution that fits the requirements of both the customer and the partner. Moving to an OpEx model allows for a smoother, more manageable refresh lifecycle (and reduce reliance on aging kit), and we can even help manage disposal, data wiping and WEEE Directive compliance.

The process is simple – we can arrange a model that fits every project whether the products start with a perpetual, subscription or “as a service” licencing option. With e92capital, you can arrange a finance model yourself, meaning you can build the project costing to work for you. By working closely with our channel partners and being in direct engagement with the customer, we help simplify and often accelerate the process as a valued partner rather than simply a third party credit facility.

For more information, get in touch with the e92capital using the form below, or call us on +44 (0)20 8274 7000.