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e92capital OpEx

Transform capital projects with simple monthly billing with e92capital OpEx

More organisations than ever are looking to change the way they procure technology, and leverage the benefits without the complexity of large, upfront bills.

By moving spend to an OpEx model (Operating Expenditure), large projects billed on a monthly basis can help unlock funding as an operating expense rather than a capital investment. It’s an ideal model for software and cloud services in particular.

So what’s the challenge?

Software licences are still mostly upfront purchases, with monthly billing only available as part of MSP models based on consumption, and that doesn’t suit everyone.

That’s where e92capital OpEx comes in.

We take the benefits of our e92capital Project Finance offering (such as removing traditional restrictions and outsourced debt management) and offer monthly payments to the customer across the 12 month licence, all without any fees or third party involvement.

And yes, our partners still enjoy their margin up front!

You can find out more about how e92capital Project Finance works here, and for more information or to request a tailored proposal, contact us using the form below.