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Project Finance

Our unique service for smaller partners to close deals of any size

The IT sector offers our channel partners huge potential, with exciting technology and services delivering amazing results for organisations of every size. However, new projects can mean big opportunities, and that can mean challenges with cashflow or credit terms. We never want to restrict your growth potential – so we developed a solution.

Project Financing is available exclusively from e92plus, and is designed to help you grow your business profitably without the constraints of limited credit or restricted cashflow. By providing a unique offering, e92plus can help you successfully win and profit from large, complex projects - all without any additional cost to you.

Concerned about cashflow? Now you can enjoy your margin upfront

In the current environment, positive cashflow is key for a successful business, and therefore e92plus has launched a great initiative to give you extra help.

That's why you can now get your margin upfront!

This is exclusive to Project Finance from e92plus. You can find out more below about how the process works, with less hassle from you and zero financing charges - and now you get paid your margin within 7 days.

The credit you deserve

With e92plus Project Financing, you enjoy full revenue for the project - helping grow your company, improve your P&L account and growing your credit score.

What’s more, there is no credit management for you to do - this means you don’t need to operate credit control for the project, chase the debt or worry about the impact on your business as everything is fully managed by e92plus. There’s even zero impact on cashflow, helping you concentrate on the rest of your business.

It’s all about your relationships

Project Financing retains your relationship with your customer - they place the order with you, and you maintain complete control over your project and your day to day contact.

With no third parties or complex agreements or paperwork, we remove all the potential challenges to your project being successful. Plus, by not having to manage the credit with your customer you can explore additional opportunities without fear of overloading your exposure.

Unlimited potential

We help you unlock your potential, and every possibility, regardless of your organisation size – and whoever you want to work with. There are no long term agreements or financial lock-ins in place, helping you keep your focus and eliminate the project impacting other opportunities with your customers, and no restriction on what you can achieve.

Grow your business profitably

Most importantly, e92plus Project Financing is free of charge – that’s for you and your customer! No bank charges, no interest charges, and no fees. It’s that simple, and helps you provide maximum value to your customer, and provide profitable sales to your business to fuel your future success.

frequently asked questions.

Q1. Who is Project Financing suitable for?

Project Financing from e92plus is suitable for every size of VAR, SI or consultancy. However, it works most effectively for those partners who are working on projects that would significantly exceed their standard credit limit.

Q2. What costs are there?

e92plus do not charge any costs, charges or interest to provide Project Financing - it's part of our service. This means the reseller earns full margin for that project (as detailed on the quote). If additional finance options are required by the customer (such as extended payment terms or incremental payments, these are available on request but additional charges may apply).

Q3. Does my customer need to be credit checked?

We will certainly run a credit check on the company, but this would be done using standard agencies, and there's no need to involve the customer.

Q4. Who manages the relationship with the customer?

Throughout, e92plus are simply providing a finance service, to manage and receive the invoice payment. The customer still engages with the partner, and own the relationship.

Q5. Is it like Factoring?

Project Financing is similar to Factoring, in that e92plus take on responsibility for credit control, and we receive the payment before passing the margin back to the partner. However, Factoring is usually a commitment across all business, whereas Project Financing is designed for use with individual projects or invoices.

Q6. How do I know what the status is?

Throughout, e92plus include the reseller in all communications, ensuring full transparency throughout

Q7. Can I recognise the revenue?

Absolutely - that's a key benefit. The reseller invoices their customer as normal, it's just the payment that is managed by e92plus (acting as a finance agency), and the reseller recognise the full value of the revenue.