The Forcepoint Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP) program provides a technology platform and accompanying professional services and training derived from Forcepoint’s diverse portfolio, channel partner experience, solution expertise and commitment to ensuring joint success.

MSSPs are an important route to market, and Forcepoint works in conjunction with the MSSP community to offer customers a fully managed, people-centric approach to protecting an organization’s users, critical data and IP.

  • Aligned with how you do business: consumption billing, a single integrate portal and rapid ROI
  • Reduced time and cost of operations increases your margins: Minimal operational impact with 27 top tier datacentres, 24x7 support and quick ramp-up training
  • 100X reduction in malware incidents: the industry’s recognised web & email market leader with enterprise features

About the MSP program

The Forcepoint MSSP Program is designed specifically for MSSPs to simplify service introduction, minimize capital expenditures and speed up ROI. It takes the marketing leading, enterprise cybersecurity technology that protect users, data & networks to help protect the most critical assets. Partners benefit from all the usual competitive advantages of being part of the Forcepoint Partner Community, but in a program built for MSPs and supported by extensive professional services and training.

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Increase Top Line Performance
  • Provide high margin, differentiated services that attract and retain clients
  • Fast time to value
  • Easily customize services that meet the needs of specific customers or business units
  • Enable a rich menu of services to accommodate all budgets and provide upsell opportunities
Reduce Operational Expense
  • Cloud delivery eliminates the costs of deploying and maintaining hardware
  • MSSP portal enables the rapid addition of new customers under the control of the MSSP
  • A wide array of predesigned policies and reports reduces the time and complexity of configuring new accounts
Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Deliver solutions rapidly from the industry’s most secure global cloud platform
  • Provide unrivaled advanced threat protection, including Advanced Malware Defense and integrated DLP capabilities
  • Provide wide flexibility in access options
Provide Investment Protection
  • Part of the Forcepoint Human Point System
  • No CAPEX investment: pay-as-you-grow monthly billing
  • Cloud-based delivery scales with your business needs
  • Easily offer new capabilities and services as they become available

The solutions

Forcepoint Web Security

Next-generation web security for tomorrow's global workforce

Real security, real-time threats, proven efficacy

Not just a best-in-class web security solution—Forcepoint Web Security has 52% better efficacy than our closest competitor.

Fluidly integrated advanced features

Extend web protection with enterprise-grade DLP, cloud sandboxing with Advanced Malware Detection (AMD), and visibility and control over shadow IT with our new cloud app control module—all from a single pane of glass.

Deploy how, when, and where you want

Only Forcepoint offers license mobility across deployment architectures, giving you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business at scale, when you’re ready.

Increase productivity with better web protection

Forcepoint offers comprehensive web protection across the entire kill chain—with better ROI and the efficacy to back it up.


better efficacy than our closest competitor


reduction in number of malware incidents


ROI when switching to Forcepoint Web Security

Forcepoint Email Security

Most complete email protection and visibility

Stop ransomware and other threats

Forcepoint Email Security uses the Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) to identify threats ranging from annoying spam to advanced malware, phishing, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

Block data theft with content-aware DLP

Advanced capabilities detect data theft concealed in images or custom-encrypted files, even when gradually transmitted in small amounts to evade detection.

Identify high-risk user behavior

The rich data collection capability can quickly generate a report on Indicators of Compromise to identify infected systems and suspicious user behavior.

Optimum value comes from effective, holistic email security

Get both maximum effectiveness and return on investment (ROI) with Forcepoint Email Security. Read the report


Sandbox malware detection


Spam detection SLA


Months payback with 122% ROI

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