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Advanced Web Content Filtering. Malware, Phishing and Virus Protection. Standards Compliant. Quick to Implement, Simple to Manage. Easy.

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Comprehensive Email Protection Made Easy. 99.98% Spam Detection. Bitdefender and Clam Anti Virus. Content Filtering. Cleaner email. Easy.

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Email Archiving in the Cloud. Secure. Encrypted. Audited. International Legal and Industry Standards Compliant. Compatible. Easy

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The TitanShield MSP Program allows MSPs to take advantage of TitanHQ's proven technology so that they can sell, implement and deliver our advanced network security solutions directly to their client base. TitanHQ is committed to delivering world class network security solutions to our MSP partners.

What are the benefits to MSPs?

  • Save on costly customer support time, hours and cost. Reduce your number one uncontrollable expense; the people on your IT operations team. Spend less time cleaning infected customer networks and devices. No more costly Cryptolocker support calls.
  • WebTitan is a highly effective DNS based web filter that’s scalable, quickly and easily installed, configured and managed for multiple domains. Stopping malicious requests at the DNS layer is preferred over waiting for the payload to be delivered onto the machine and then removed. By stopping it at the DNS layer you're reducing not only malware infections, but containing machines already infected by preventing them from communicating out to their C&C servers.
  • It’s Multi-Tenant and API driven with a MSP dashboard. We’ve been working successfully with the MSP sector since 1999.
  • White Labelling – rebrand WebTitan Cloud with your corporate logo and colours and resell it as a hosted service add-on for your clients.
  • URL Filtering - WebTitan offers real-time URL filtering of up to 53 predefined and 8 customizable categories of over 500 million websites, 6 billion web pages, in 200 languages.
  • Provide customers with statistics on malware infections prevented and leverage the top allowed domains feature to sell your customer monitoring and ‘Web Filtering as a Service’.

How does it work?

The multi tenanted solution can be hosted either within the TitanHQ Cloud or in the service provider’s own DataCentre. An extensive API caters for integration with existing customer deployment, billing and management tools. This coupled with a fully rebrandable, simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy for Service Providers to deploy a web filtering service quickly and without a major capital investment.

Why do MSPs use WebTitan?

WebTitan for service providers has been purpose built to allow TitanHQ’s partner network to offer a web filtering service that offers robust control and protection to their customers.

The solution is designed to integrate easily into the existing infrastructure and deployment is very straightforward. This provides Service Providers with the opportunity to offer web filtering services to their customer base easily.

What your customers get:

  • Ransomware and malware blocking. Protection from malware, ransomware and other web threats. 60,000 Malware iterations blocked every day.
  • A quick and easy to use DNS filter to manage and control web usage. Block malicious sites.
  • Easy to implement; Easy to use. Customer accounts are up and running within 20 minutes
  • Improve Network Performance: No Latency DNS filtering. Reduce bandwidth waste and abuse.
  • Granular content filtering and flexible user policies
  • Support dynamic IP’s
  • Works with any device
  • Full reporting suite. WebTitan contains a comprehensive reporting suite providing automated graphical reports.
  • Fully automated updating, thus requiring minimal management overhead possible while ensuring maximum security.
  • Whitelists and Blacklists Global whitelists and blacklists and custom categories can be configured to allow/block by full website address or by IP

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