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e92plus announces partnership with BlueCat

September 2021

by Colin Brown

e92plus have announced their partnership with BlueCat, whose mission it is to help the world’s largest organizations thrive in a complex, hybrid cloud world, from the edge to the core. To do this, BlueCat re-imagined DNS. The result – Adaptive DNS™ – is a dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated resource that supports the most challenging digital transformation initiatives, like the adoption of hybrid cloud and rapid application development.

The problems that BlueCat can help solve are;

- Increasing resilience of critical infrastructure

- Reducing risk using DDI Data

- Using automation to drive rapid change and innovation

- Embracing hybrid cloud

How do you solve these problems?

With Adaptive DNS™. The foundation for any network is DNS. But most DNS solutions like Microsoft and BIND are outdated, error-prone, and manually configured. That’s bad. It means more work, higher risk, spiralling costs, and stifled innovation.

Instead of fighting network complexity, Adaptive DNS™ helps businesses thrive on it. It’s a DNS solution that’s powered from the network edge to core. Adaptive DNS is dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated, unlike existing solutions.

BlueCat delivers high-performance DDI services that offer the agility, availability, and security that network services providers deserve.

- Unifies disparate DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) solutions into a single source of truth.

- Moves with compute workloads across physical and hybrid environments.

- Drives speed and efficiency by eliminating manual errors through smart automation.

- Reduces network administration costs by 80%.

- Integrates everywhere to provide universal DNS access

- Delivers uncompromising DNS visibility and control to protect against cyber threats.

To find out more visit our BlueCat vendor page at www.e92plus.com/vendors/bluecat. For more information or a demo contact us on +44 (0)20 8274 7000 or info@e92plus.com