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e92plus identifies potential in ITDR security with QOMPLX signing

April 2023

by Neil Langridge

e92plus, the cybersecurity distributor, has announced a new partnership with QOMPLX to further strengthen its technology portfolio, helping bring the leader in ITDR to its channel community. 

It’s well established that identity is the target for so many high profile and widespread attacks and breaches, and is consistently a critical factor in how networks are compromised. All of the top ransomware gangs and exploits use identity in some way to gain initial access, move laterally, and gain privileges to distribute the ransomware –including LockBit, Hive, Black Basta, Royal, and Vice Society.

QOMPLX directly addresses this risk, and focuses on protecting identity as a critical part of cybersecurity defences. They reduce cyber risk and attack surfaces by mapping exposures and performing real-time detection of attacks via the QOMPLX Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) product suite.
The market is now rapidly following this approach - Gartner created the Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) discipline as a way to address the gaps that traditional security solutions are leaving wide-open for attackers, along with listing identity system defence as a key trend in 2022 1, with ITDR a key part of the toolset needed by organisations, and it also features in their most recent Hype Cycle. This clearly establishes ITDR as a major new solution focus for enterprise organisations, and represents a significant opportunity for VARs and MSSPs to expand their cybersecurity solution offerings. 

We increasingly view identity as a critical part of cybersecurity strategy, but so often it’s a lower priority than more topical solutions like XDR” explains Mukesh Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of e92plus. “We see huge potential for our partners to address the ITDR market with a dedicated solution that PAM or MFA vendors do not  address, especially one that focuses on protecting systems such as Active Directory (AD) that are fundamental part of how an organisation manages identities and privileges for their users”. 

Active Directory remains the primary tool for organisations to manage users information, credentials and privileges. Due to this reason, attackers constantly target and exploit AD vulnerabilities yet surprisingly,  it’s often only a second thought for cybersecurity solutions. QOMPLX significantly improves identity attack surface reduction via proactive prevention recommendations, and leads the market in time and accuracy to detection, reducing dwell time, and providing fewer false positives than native solutions, ensuring that attempted access to AD in the event of a data breach is detected quickly and allows a SOC or MSSP to react quickly. 

"As cyber threats and attacks evolve, we are proud to partner with e92plus as a distributor in the UK for QOMPLX security offerings. The exceptional reach of e92plus combined with QOMPLX identity focused cybersecurity capabilities allow both parties to better serve the UK Market and to keep enterprises more secure. QOMPLX Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR), Managed Services, and Attack Surface Monitoring (ASM) solution portfolios keep customers safe by performing real-time identity verification & detections, supporting better control of assets, and enabling attack surface reduction", as stated by Jason Kirkland, VP of Channel Alliances at QOMPLX, Inc.

1 https://www.gartner.com/en/articles/7-top-trends-in-cybersecurity-for-2022

About e92plus

For e92plus, it’s all about being channel-first. Since we started over 30 years ago, we’ve been dedicated to empowering our partners and helping them accelerate their business growth. We’re now the UK’s biggest dedicated cybersecurity VAD.
For our reseller partners, our expertise in cybersecurity has helped them protect thousands of organisations across the UK, with our in-house teams supporting our channel community every step of the way. With a portfolio that includes the most exciting, innovative and disruptive technology in cybersecurity – from market leaders to start-ups, we’re committed to delivering outstanding value to our thousands of customers with a channel-first approach. We’re also helping our partners build their managed services practices, and embrace the cloud revolution through our dedicated e92msp and e92cloud divisions.
Learn more at www.e92plus.com 

About QOMPLX, Inc.

QOMPLX harnesses data to provide unified visibility into cyber risks and ensure trust in identity. QOMPLX solutions reduce cyber risk and attack surfaces by both mapping exposures and performing real-time detection of attacks. This approach increases network observability by closing the largest remaining gaps in cybersecurity: identity verification, cross-tool data fusion, and data interoperability. QOMPLX defends some of the world's most renowned brands by re-establishing trust for client organisations, assuring authentication, and enabling confident security decisions.     
For more information, visit qomplx.com and follow us @QOMPLX.

Neil Langridge
e92plus Marketing Director
020 8274 7040