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Discussing the opportunities for MSPs in cybersecurity

April 2024

by Neil Langridge

Cybersecurity is a big focus for MSPs in 2024 - and not just for the larger specialists. The majority of MSPs expect above average grwoth with many seeing increases over 20%, but it's not easy for every MSP to scale out internal resources quick enough to provide the service and range of solutions that customers expect. 

Then there's the challenge of Microsoft - with 365, you can access a wide range of products, but is it enough?

To discyss the big issues and the opportunities, e92plus were joined by Bitdefender in hosting a series of partner roundtables. These engaging discussions, led by industry expert Michael Reeves, were insightful sessions tackling key topics that are shaping the IT landscape today. Key discussion topics included:

•    The Challenge of Selling Against and Alongside Microsoft 365
•    Current Trends in the MSP Cybersecurity Market
•    Opportunities around the Bitdefender Portfolio and Driving Up-Sell with Add-Ons

That's why we're thrilled to present the new MSP solutions from Bitdefender. Whether you're dealing with large enterprises or small and medium-sized businesses, we've got tailored solutions to fit their needs like a glove.
There are three tiers, so you can offer the right package that meets your customers’ needs and budget.
Why Bitdefender for MSP?
•    Customized Security Solutions: One size definitely doesn't fit all!
•    Cost-effective and Transparent Pricing: Top-tier security that won't break the bank.
•    Simplified Management: No more headaches, with user-friendly dashboards
•    Strengthened Protection: Advanced threat protection, real-time threat hunting.
•    Proactive Incident Response: Spot and resolve threats before they become a problem.
The best part? Bitdefender has three solutions to choose from:
•    Secure: Real-time threat detection and response.
•    Secure Plus: Proactive incident response management.
•    Secure Extra: End-to-end threat protection for those who mean business.
We hosted three Executive Roundtables with Bitdefender to learn more, including the perfect way to position Bitdefender alongside Microsoft 365.
•    Manchester: April 22nd, Malmaison
•    Birmingham: April 23rd, The Lost & Found
•    London: April 24th, Cinnamon Kitchen