With many employees now working from home for the first time, and the network perimeter disappearing faster than ever as remote access and cloud solutions are quickly deployed, organisations having to adapt quickly. While many may have solutions in place, are they scalable – and can they easily secure those who move to use BYOD as a last resort?

If you’re talking to customers about potential solutions, e92plus can help with products that can help make remote working as secure as possible.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Cloud Apps

If employees need access to critical apps, especially in the cloud, it’s essential that workers no longer on the network can do so easily and securely. Ping Identity offers MFA that can be deployed in minutes, including the option for a central landing page for Single Sign On (SSO), integrating seamlessly with thousands of apps for the best user interface.

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6 Months Free of Cloud Authentication & Single Sign On

To help organisations quickly secure emergency BYOD access to cloud apps, Ping Identity are offering 6 months free usage of Ping One and/or Ping ID. That’s full access, with no restrictions and complete functionality for unlimited users.

Plus, significant discounts are available for migration to a standard 1 or 3 year licence agreement at the end of the 6 months period.

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All your office functions, in a single secure app

The quickest way to keep employees working productively when out of the office is to provide access to corporate email – and SecurePIM provides key Outlook functionality in a single secure, encrypted app. Simple to deploy on employee personal devices, it keeps company data secure and separate from all their own apps, and is easy to use.

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3 Month Free of Secure Mobile App for BYOD

When organisations need to empower their employees to stay productive outside of the office, the quickest method is secure access to email. To support this, SecurePIM are now offering a free 3 Month Licence for any business to help support them during the current health crisis. There’s no limit on functionality or the number of users, and works for both on-premise Microsoft Exchange as well as Office365.

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High performance VPN for employees

While VPN solutions are helping employees access company resources, the risk being overloaded - and the public internet offers poor performance for cloud apps. With Aryaka, their Secure Remote Access offers performance and visibility of VPN connectivity, and best of all it can be turned on in minutes.

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1 Month Free of Secure Remote Access

Aryaka SRA significantly improves any existing remote VPN solution, making the VPN easily scalable to handle the high level of demand for remote workers many organisations are needing to handle.

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Securing Privileged Access for Remote Workers

Remote access for employees and external service providers to information systems is becoming a priority for maintaining core business activities, especially where organisations need external help from third parties to scale access to their cloud resources quickly. However, it’s key not to comprise cybersecurity. WALLIX provides a platform that helps manage privileged access, ensuring the rights match roles and profile to maximize productivity but minimize potential exploitation.

Free Remote Access Licences

To help support organisations who need to ensure remote access for privileged users to their datacenters or cloud infrastructure, but need to enforce security controls, WALLIX are providing free remote access licences for the length of the public health crisis. For existing users, this is completely free of charge and unlimited, while for new users the licences are free and a subscription to the WALLIX Bastion Platform is available at a 75% discount for unlimited users.

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Helping your employees work safely at home – whatever their device

We know that many companies have instructed staff to work from home, which can mean that some employees may not have a work laptop and are using a personal, and possibly unprotected computer. Whether they are using a VPN or directly accessing cloud applications, that’s a potential risk. As well as being a leader in endpoint and cloud cybersecurity for businesses worldwide, Trend Micro also offer best in class consumer solutions.

6 Months Free Personal Cybersecurity

For any organisation who have staff working from home using their personal computers, Trend Micro are providing their employees with 6 months free access to their consumer internet security product, Trend Micro™ Maximum Security. It helps defend against web threats (like ransomware), blocks dangerous websites that can steal personal data and guards against phishing emails.

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Immediate Threat Intelligence, Automated

For many organisations, the scale of remote working and deployment of emergency solutions can potentially leave networks vulnerable or exposed to new threats. However, do IT teams have the bandwidth right now to proactively re-rest their network or run additional pen tests? With Cymulate, their Breach and Attack Simulation platform can identify potential areas to address in minutes.

2 Months Free of Threat Intelligence

Customers can now enjoy 2 months free Threat Intelligence from Cymulate, to test email, endpoint and web security in a single click – delivering actionable insights and a comprehensive report afterwards.

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Multi-Factor Authentication for Students

With students for all educational institutions, from schools to universities, now needing to support remote learning and studying, it’s essential to provide simple access to online and network resources. However, it’s essential to keep their information secure, and Swivel Secure provides a simple, flexible MFA and SSO offering that provides adaptive authentication to students and staff.

Free Student Licences

To support students in accessing their information and resources wherever they are, when any educational facility purchases licences for staff and signs up to the annual maintenance agreements, Swivel Secure will provide student licenses for free.

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Supporting Remote Workers with a Managed Service

As a technology solution provider and channel, it’s our responsibility to prepare our customers and their colleagues to not only work remotely but to do it securely. There will be many who have never had a remote workforce, but situations may require them to pivot in this direction, and we need to prepare to set clients up and support their new needs. For organisations looking to build out a managed security service, the current scenario demonstrates it’s potential – but it’s key to have the right tool for your business.

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The ConnectWise White-Labelled Home Working Checklist

The number for remote employees has increased dramatically—virtually overnight and the secure perimeter you’ve worked hard to establish has disappeared. How can you ensure that your clients are protected while their employees are beyond the firewall? ConnectWise has you covered. Use our white-labeled checklist with your clients. They can provide to their employees, ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information about staying secure when working remotely.

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The MSP COVID-19 Playbook

Your step-by-step guide on how to stabilize, optimize, and maximize during an economic downturn

As COVID-19 continues to create uncertainty for the channel and your customers, the role of MSPs is crucial in helping organisations to keep their IT systems and business running. But for MSPs themselves, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – and everyone is learning together. This practical guide outlines key steps to stabilize your business, optimize for efficiency, and maximize opportunities – and ensure your MSP can not only survive but thrive during these crazy times.


Enterprise Security for Healthcare organisations

For any institution working in healthcare, there are key priorities in your cybersecurity strategy: protecting patient data and records, securing the huge variety of devices across the network and automating activities to reduce complexity and improve response rates.

Bitdefender is proven to help provide the right security while allowing the necessary access to the data and records being held on-premise in legacy infrastructure or in cloud apps must be done securely.

12 months free Enterprise Security for Healthcare

Bitdefender is offersing up to 12 months of FREE enterprise grade security for ALL healthcare organizations, helping healthcare providers to work at full capacity on delivering care during the Coronavirus pandemic, without worrying about falling victim to the ruthless, opportunistic attacks revolving around this crisis.

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The easiest way to provide essential IT support to your customers

Every organisation is working hard to keep their employees productive – and IT support is a fundamental part of that, with much of the UK workforce currently working from home. That’s why providing the right remote support for your customers’ IT team is key, and SolarWinds can help. Dameware Remote Everywhere is a fast, simple, and lightweight cloud-based remote support solution, accessible from almost anywhere with an internet connection, and means you can be there to provide the assistance they need.

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90 Days Free Licence of Remote Everywhere

SolarWinds are providing an extended 90 trial licence to allow your IT team to connect to remote workers and provide them with safe and secure support, serving up to 2000 endpoints. Simply get in touch with, and we’ll get you setup to start extending your customer support straight away. Not a SolarWinds partner yet? No worries, we’ll get setup quickly.

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In addition, SolarWinds has a dedicated resource page with extensive help and guidance for dealing with the current challenges. You can read more at www.solarwinds.com/covid-19-resources.

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