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SASE Simplified

The network is dead, long live the network.

The incredible acceleration of digital transformation in the past 18 months has transformed how we think about the traditional network perimeter, and our perceptions of the importance of connectivity. Itʼs now about the Anywhere Worker, regardless of their device or location, and ensuring they can be productive and efficient.

However, cybersecurity threats have matched this pace of change, and as the network perimeter walls that protected our on-premise infrastructure has become a legacy solution, so the attacks have evolved to target those users no longer secure behind the gateway firewall.

The challenge is no longer connecting fixed networks and devices, but creating a flexible architecture that allows any user and any device the ability to securely access key resources wherever they are, maximizing productivity without reducing security

Rather than a single technology, the concept of SASE was identified as a way to integrate key technologies

First developed by Gartner in 2019, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is expected to be adopted as a strategy by 40% of enterprises by 2024.

It converges networking and security, looking to creating a simplified architecture thatʼs more agile, and often delivered as a service rather than simple point products. It places the integration requirements on the vendor technologies, so necessitating a seamless approach and unified management.

The emergence of SASE leverages how over 50% of enterprise WAN traffic is now to and from the cloud, and the majority of the workforce now accessing corporate resources from outside the traditional network (either on VPN or directly – and possible from unsecured BYOD hardware).

SASE requires a cloud-native platform, ubiquitous security and application acceleration without adding network complexity.

Cloud-first networking, and an agile consumption model rather than multi-year hardware agreements

Flexibility to support workers wherever they are, with offices no longer the only gateway

Defined SLAs for performance and connectivity, as organisations relinquish network ownership

Reliance on managed services, and automation to reduce costs and minmise potential gaps in security

SASE Simplified with Check Point and Aryaka

To help organisations embrace the potential of SASE, weʼve integrated best of breed solutions to provide a simplified, cloud-native offering.

SASE, Simplified encompasses the most advanced threat protection solutions for cloud environments, on-premise networks and remote workers from Check Point with accelerated networking connectivity from Aryaka. Replacing legacy MPLS networks and expensive point-to-point solutions, while providing an elastic architecture that scales with the company and itʼs users, SASE Simplified is the affordable solution for organisations of all sizes.

Secure Flexible Efficient NSS top rated threat prevention with 100% cyber attack catch rate

Deploy and protect in minutes in the cloud or on-premise

Unified architecture reduces OpEx costs by up to 40% and CapEx by 20

To learn more, download the brochure or request a 1-to-1 demo of how we deliver SASE Simplified, by contacting us below.