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SOC Triad

Automated, integrated visibility that’s built for the cloud

Defending the network has never been more challenging. The explosion of remote working alongside accelerated migration to cloud environments has left IT teams needing to redefine their network perimeter, and cover a wide variety of disparate environments while experiencing more data and alerts than ever before. The challenge of using that information to protect against an ever evolving threat is significant, let along turning the tide on the unknown attacker.

The demand to do more with less has never been greater – and the need to empower SOC teams is essential in turning defence into attack.

A new approach is needed,to move from a traditional defence model and utilise the intelligence and data that the network holds. Leveraging the next generation of tools that integrate,rather than simply adding point solutions as additional layers,this model provides the visibility that enables organisations to automate and accelerate detection and response.

Cloud grows, activity grows, alerts grow

Cloud migration spending is growing at six times the pace of general IT spending.3 out of 4 security teams agree their cloud infrastructures generate more security alerts than similar on-prem environments.

The reality is that legacy SIEM solutions werenʼt built to scale like that – and nor was the licencing.

The cloud offers the ability to scale IT on-demand, and that means more activity, alerts and threats your SIEM needs to manage too.

The attack surface has just exploded

Previously, the threat vector covered your network. Then devices, and spread to cloud apps.

When the network is in the cloud, thatʼs the new attack surface.

With apps, data and workloads now across private, public and hybrid cloud environments, your SIEM needs to cover a broader attack surface and range of sources than ever.

Too many alerts, too little time. Or analysts

83% of security teams report their staff experience alert fatigue and 75% determine theyʼd need to hire three or more analysts to conquer all their daily alerts.

But with the expanding volume of data from multiple sources, human resources can scale quickly enough.

Manual identification, analysis and remediation canʼt stop the threats or protect the network.

The SOC Visibility Triad from e92cloud brings together the most advanced solutions from Check Point and Sumo Logic, with integrations that enable the SOC team to have complete visibility of their network.


Sumo Logic fuses analytics and automation to perform security analyst workflows and automatically triage alerts—increasing human efficiencies and enabling analysts to focus on higher-value security functions.


Deep insights and analysis into network traffic, to detect a breach or attack


Real-time response and remediation to threats at the endpoint, combined with malware protection

Check Point Sandblast Network provides the most advanced zero-day protection, powered by the most advanced threat intelligence and AI to detect unknown threats before they execute.

Check Point Sandblast for EDR delivers an uprated, layered approach to endpoint protection that combines real-time continuous monitoring and endpoint data Analytics.

Sumo Logic SIEM is cloud-native, and built to with elastic scalability to grow with your business covering on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud Deployments.

To learn more, download the brochure or request a 1-to-1 demo of how we can help transform the visibility into threats and attacks for organisations of all sizes, by contacting us below.