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Technical Services For Vendors

Professional services from pre-sales to installation to training

What we do

  • Cybersecurity Healthchecks
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Technical Workshops & Training
  • Wireless Surveys & Healthchecks

Why e92plus?

  • Dedicated in-house Security & Network Engineers
  • Independent, channel-friendly approach that won’t present risk to existing partners
  • Extensive experience at the core of the UK cybersecurity channel for 30 years
  • Proven track record with delivering services for both established and emerging vendors

Why partner with e92technical?

At e92technical we work with some of the leading names in cybersecurity, and the starting point is the customer. With user satisfaction increasingly a key metric in vendor selection, and online reviews and comparisons an essential part of the IT buyer journey, unsuccessful deployments have a bigger impact than ever before – no longer is shelfware a silent option. Peer reviews drive brand awareness and reputation, while the move towards subscriptions and consumption billing, alongside more agile cloud services, also make the ability for organisations to change easily a significant risk.

Meanwhile, for vendors the increasingly diverse partner landscape encompasses VARs, SI, DMRs, CSPs and beyond, with a subsequent reduction in control of customer relationships as the size of a partner community grows. As agile development and clouds have made the technology more diverse than ever, so specialization has become a lower priority in the channel.

This means the step of enabling channel partners can be a challenge: whether it’s a new technology, complex portfolio, insufficient training resources or a partner community without the necessary skills, sometimes it’s a longer process or not viewed as being necessary.

So where do vendors go to scale their professional services capacity?

Key Technology Areas


Key Vendors

Why work with a third party?

For many vendors, working with independent third parties offers significant advantages

  • The ability to quickly scale outwards to support increased demand, without the cost of benched engineers between projects
  • Allowing the senior vendor PS engineers to focus on key enterprise accounts
  • Reduced channel conflict in supporting projects brought through VARs who lack the internal resources to deliver PS
  • A trusted relationship can be built with a team focused purely on service delivery, and who are investing in product knowledge and training
  • The chance to fully outsource the project management, including service deliver quality and customer satisfaction

Ultimately Vendors find that using e92technical leads to a happier install base with lower costs.

How is e92technical different?

VARs and SIs are often to central to delivering professional services, helping vendors scale quickly while leveraging the expertise and experience of trusted partners in their channel community. However, many vendors are looking at alternative options:

  • Insufficiently trained or committed partners
  • Low renewal rates or limited up-sell opportunities for new features

That’s where e92technical come in. Unlike third parties, we bring practical experience of working with VARs, as well as providing certified engineers who deliver pre- and post-sales services everyday to organisations across the UK. That means we can offer vendors:

  • Increased control over deployments
  • A focus on raising customer satisfaction, and so renewal rates and up-sell potential
  • The opportunity to recognise additional margin for sales teams

How we work

As the technical services team of a leading VAD, e92technical as the experience of working across the channel with vendors, resellers and end-users.

That means we understand the importance of project management, and delivering outstanding customers service.

All projects we deliver are clearly defined, using industry standard methodology and with open communication with all stakeholders. We offer transparent, practical advice and guidance through the project, with clear KPIs and objectives to ensure successful outcomes are delivered for all parties.


Their technical teams are second-to-none in this industry

Security Specialist

They have been an extension of my team…they’re one of the best technical partners in EMEA and excel as a partner

Professional Services Director

e92plus have stepped up to the plate…and emerged as an easy to work with, trusted go‑to partner for technical services

Trend Micro
Technical Director