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The Cloud-First WAN

Aryaka gives your customers a way to accelerate their applications globally, with deployment measured in hours - not months.

Why choose Aryaka

Aryaka, the Cloud-First WAN company, brings agility, simplicity and a great experience to consuming the WAN-as-a-service. An optimized global network and innovative technology stack delivers the industry’s #1 managed SD-WAN service and sets the gold standard for application performance.

SmartOpimize Network and Application Acceleration as-a-service

SmartOptimize is an on-demand, application-optimization and acceleration delivered-as-a-service and is a key component of SmartConnect. Aryaka’s patented architecture optimizes and compresses WAN traffic in multiple ways, delivering LAN-like performance via a private Layer 2 core with QoS and intelligent edge optimization, multi-segment transport optimization for TCP, Advanced Redundancy Removal for any uncompressed and unencrypted application, and application acceleration for SSL and CIFS/SMB.

SmartCloud Multi-cloud networking as-a-service

SmartCloud is designed to complement SmartConnect with multi-cloud networking delivered as-a-service. It is a plug and play multi-cloud and SaaS connectivity service that enables customers to spin up connectivity to IaaS and SaaS on-demand and in just a few hours.

SmartSecure Security as-a-service

SmartSecure is designed to complement SmartConnect with managed SD-WAN security-as-a-service offerings. At the branch, an access firewall within the ANAP offers ‘north-south’ control as well as ‘east-west’ segmentation. Optionally, advanced NGFW capabilities are supported with NFV.

SmartInsight Actionable insights as-a-service

SmartInsights are enabled by the MyAryaka Cloud and designed to provide meaningful and actionable insights on the State of your WAN, ensuring that the network is configured properly and remains operational at scale.

Visibility extends across both applications as well as the SD-WAN infrastructure, permitting enterprises to quickly identify any issues as well as verify SLAs. Trending enables forward planning, while powerful reporting enables offline analysis.



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