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Total Cloud Security

Wherever your customers are, security needs to be working 99.99% uptime and the lowest latency, only from Bitglass.

Why choose Bitglass

Don’t let cybersecurity compromise productivity

Bitglass helps deliver no-compromise cybersecurity that’s validated by Gartner, but with market leading efficiency. Since 2014, they’ve enjoyed 99.99% verified uptime, performance that’s market leading.

Plus, only Bitglass SmartEdge SWG architecture inspects traffic directly on the endpoint to deliver security, privacy & low-latency performance for the distributed workforce. This means a quick, better user experience for your customers that helps them do their job, stay productive and ensure security doesn’t get in the way.

Secure Remote Workers

Protect remote workers from threats. Enable Zero Trust Access to any app. Secure BYO devices without requiring agents. Apply security policies based on endpoint context.

Advanced Threat Protection

Native protection via CrowdStrike, Cylance or Bitdefender. Block threats at upload or download on any device. Quarantine threats in the cloud.

Web Security at Scale

The industry's only on-device proxy eliminates backhaul bottlenecks. Privacy, performance & low overhead. Block threats & control access by category, risk rating, & user group.

Secure Any App without Agents

Enforce uniform, granular DLP on any combination of apps, users, devices, and locations. Pre-built library for hundreds of sensitive data patterns and compliance frameworks. Ensure constant reverse proxy uptime as apps change and evolve with AJAX-VM.



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