AuthControl, Intelligent authentication made easy.

The right level of application and network security at the right time.

Adaptive, Flexible, Scalable, Simple

The Swivel authentication platform is flexible by design, enabling you to work more efficiently anywhere, anytime, and allowing you to scale network and application security to meet constantly evolving requirements.

Swivel Secure is the two-factor authentication platform of choice, with millions of users worldwide. From start-ups to major global enterprises, they provide cutting-edge IT security solutions in over 35 countries, and on every continent.

AuthControl Sentry™

The Swivel multi-factor authentication platform has been designed so that you can tailor your authentication requirements to your exacting security policies. Offering both tokenless and token-based one-time-code delivery and PUSH based authentication, you can be sure that your networks, systems, applications, data and brand are well protected.

Key Benefits
  • Adaptive risk driven authentication
  • Efficient Unified Sign-on
  • Simple user experience
  • Easy management and integration
  • Cost savings
  • Customised user portal

AuthControl Cloud™

Swivel’s Cloud service applies their innovative intelligent authentication approach to security and access. All the authentication factors available to on-premise customers, are also available via the Cloud, utilising Mobile Apps, Hardware Tokens, SMS, Voice, and Image-based challenges.

Key Benefits
  • Dedicated Instance
  • Protect productivity and costs
  • Optimal user experience
  • Rapidly scalable
  • Highly flexible
  • Secure account provisioning

Adaptive Authentication

By allowing remote access to data you are significantly increasing the risk of unauthorised access. Looking beyond binary authentication to adaptive riskbased solutions allows companies to maintain strong data security but not at the expense of usability.

Swivel’s intelligent authentication solution adapts to the circumstances of the user’s access to a service. They don’t make the rules; you do, so your implementation will be unique to your specific needs and risks.

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