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Email marketing can be tricky and all marketers should always be on the lookout for hints and tips on how to improve the effectiveness of their campaign and our Campaign+ tool makes automating campaigns easier than ever.

This free marketing automation platform offers full campaigns including emails, landing pages, social media, generates leads and business opportunities through strategic marketing tactics with the assistance of our experienced and award-winning marketing team.

Each year we produce a magazine that brings together articles from our vendors which looks to follow a strong industry theme.

We offer rebranding of this magazine to partners with print and online versions at no cost. This includes your logo on the cover, contact details and your introductory text.

We find this magazine helps to serve as an information tool that can support your presence on a stand, for customer visits, or even placed in your reception area.

Web design is vital for any company’s digital presence and it’s more than just making a website visually appealing to potentials customers. It’s about creating a high quality user experience and user journey for them, which will keep them coming back again and again.

e92create is a unique design agency that’s part of the e92group, specialising in helping cybersecurity IT resellers, MSPs and consultancies present a modern, dynamic brand to help them grow their business.

Social media is no longer just a “nice to have” for a modern business, it is where customers and buyers start research, connect and engage the most – so everyone needs to be there. However, we all know all the challenges of finding the time to write interesting articles to post. That’s what e92social is for.

This unique tool is simple to use and not just for the marketing team – sales people often have the most connections. This services serves to help keep your social media accounts active, topically relevant and grows personal/company networks too.

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