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Forcepoint NGFW receives highest security efficacy score for 3rd time in a row in 2018 NSS Labs’ NGFW Test

  • Jul 18, 2018, 11:56 AM
  • Rachel Prior

Forcepoint NGFW has received its sixth consecutive highest rating of “RECOMMENDED” from NSS Labs—a perfect record since they began testing next generation firewalls.

NSS Labs’ latest tests show that Forcepoint NGFW offers the leading combination of enterprise security and affordability.


For the third NSS Labs Group Test in a row, Forcepoint NGFW has received the highest score in security efficacy. This year’s test was significantly more difficult with 39% more evasion tests, but Forcepoint NGFW still stopped 99.7% of all attacks and blocked 100% of evasions.

“The Forcepoint 2105 had the highest security effectiveness in the NSS Labs 2018 NGFW Group Test and its throughput was rated even higher than Forcepoint’s claimed performance.”
- Vikram Phatak, CEO, NSS Labs

The throughput measured by NSS Labs outperformed even our own published rates, achieving 102% for unencrypted traffic and 148% for SSL/TLS traffic.


NSS Labs is the leading independent, third-party assessment that tests network security products under real-world conditions.

Download the free report to view the full test results and analysis from NSS Labs.

Shared with permission by Jim Fulton

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