Tap into the world’s most powerful fusion of truly flexible, scalable,
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Proactively Manage IT Security Risk and Maintain a Trusted Environment

HEAT Software is a powerful combination of industry market leaders: FrontRange, the industry’s sole provider of Hybrid Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management; and Lumension, the industry’s leading Endpoint Security provider. HEAT Software empower enterprise functions to simplify and automate their business processes to improve service quality, while managing and securing endpoints to proactively detect and protect against threats to business continuity.


Today’s rapidly changing IT network is more distributed and virtual than ever. More data is being stored on remote endpoints, such as laptops and smart phones, and increasingly accessed through collaborative cloud-based applications.

Mounting budget pressures are forcing organizations to look at more distributed, heterogeneous, and virtual computing alternatives, in order to cost-effectively meet business objectives. As a result, more sophisticated malware is targeting these applications as ways to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.


HEAT Endpoint Security provides fast, effective, and scalable protection from sophisticated malware and targeted attacks. It’s ideal for servers, fixed function assets such as point-of-sale, ATM and pay-at-the-pump systems, and thin-client or virtualized endpoints.

It allows you to quickly identify and lock down endpoints to proactively prevent unauthorized use of removable devices or ports, and stops unknown application from being installed and executed—without having to rely on anti-virus definitions and vulnerability patches.

Endpoint Security

Advanced threat protection, best performance for physical and virtual systems, single console for end-to-end management

Threat Protection

Threat Protection

HEAT Threat Protection fully protects endpoints from known and zero-day malware, while only enabling the use of authorized software. With Application Control and AntiVirus, you can prevent known and unknown malware and centrally manage, monitor, and control applications.

By employing an application whitelisting approach, you can ensure that only authorized applications are allowed to run on workstations and mission-critical servers, preventing the execution of unknown or malicious code.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

HEAT Vulnerability Management allows you to effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle and transition from a reactive security model to a proactive risk management approach.

It combines award-winning products—including Patch Management, Content Wizard, and Security Configuration Management—to consolidate vulnerability and remediation data with centralized policy enforcement and compliance reporting across your entire network.

Data Security

Data Security

HEAT Data Security delivers visibility and control of removable device usage and enforces encryption on removable devices and hard drives to ensure sensitive information is protected.

It delivers the flexibility and ease of use needed to regain control of removable device and data usage on the endpoint—without impacting business productivity. The Data Security solution is comprised of the Device Control module and the Disk Encryption Add-On.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management

HEAT Enterprise Mobility Management enables IT organizations to efficiently secure mobile devices, data, and applications.

From enrolling devices, configuring settings, and managing data access to deploying and managing apps; the solution provides a solid foundation for managing multi-OS mobile devices easily and efficiently.

HEAT LANrev Software

Client Management

HEAT LANrev Client Management

HEAT LANrev Client Management software allows organizations to persistently manage all of their endpoints from a single console, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

HEAT LANrev Client Management can be deployed as a complete asset management solution as well as a stand-alone MDM solution.

Enterprise mobility management

HEAT LANrev Enterprise

HEAT LANrev Enterprise mobility management allows you to remotely manage and secure the mobile devices in your deployment.

HEAT LANrev includes support for employee-owned devices and a web-based user interface so that IT can perform select administrative and security tasks working remotely or on the go.

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